24 Golf Slang Terms that Will Make You Sound Like a Pro

Table Of Contents
  1. Afraid of the Dark – What a putt is when it won’t go in the hole.
  2. Army Golf – a person is said to be playing ‘army golf’ when they hit the ball back and forth over the green, from side to side. The term is derived from a drill sergeant yelling at his men “Left! Right! Left! Right!”.
  3. Blazing a Trail – Into the ruff… Going where no one has gone before
  4. Does your husband play? – for when a guy hits a short tee shot. see elephant golf
  5. Elephant burial ground – Collective term for the huge mounds found on the greens of certain golf courses. Where good scores often go to die.
  6. Elephant’s ass – A poorly struck shot that is “high and stinky.” Usually applied to a popped-up drive that is higher than it is long. An elephant’s ass might also prompt a comment such as, “Except for distance and direction, that was a good shot.”
  7. Goat Farm – A poorly maintained golf course.
  8. Grip it and rip it – To forget about all those “swing thoughts” and take a healthy rip at the ball. This phrase became popular after the prodigious swinger John Daly and his Herculean drives, won the 1991 PGA title at Crooked Stick. When asked about his style, Daly said, “I just grip it and rip it.”
  9. Houston, we have re-entry – for whenever someone skies one off the tee.
  10. Ice cream on shit – When you sink a 30 foot putt for an eight.
  11. I’ve burned more lips today than a Watts crack pipe – No explanation needed.
  12. Lay the sod over it – Another term for hitting the ground behind the ball first. Theoretically, if you hit the ground firmly and far enough behind the ball, you may produce a divot that covers the undisturbed ball.
  13. Let the big dog eat – to use the driver (#1 wood) which is also known as ‘the big dog’ as it is the largest club in the bag. This phase was made popular by the movie Tin Cup. Example: “The next hole is a long par five but it is wide open so you can let the big dog eat.”
  14. Long and wrong – Description of a golfer who can hit the ball long distances but seldom in the right direction.
  15. Meat and potatoes par four – A long, straight forward par four devoid of water, bunkers, and other hazards that might make the hole more difficult.
  16. Mickey Mouse course – golf course with many flaws, possibly including poor maintenance, too many short holes, and tachy architectural features.
  17. Milk the grip – To lighten and tighten the grip on a club before beginning a swing. This enables a golfer to get exactly the correct grip pressure (light) for a solid stroke.
  18. Over cooked that one! – (too far) Hit the ball over the green.
  19. Run like a sailor’s dick – Most often used by players who topped their tee shots and are desperately hoping for it to pass the ladies tees. This is not advised if there is a woman in your foursome. If this is the case, try “Run like a three year old’s nose.”
  20. That dog will hunt – Expression golfers use after they’ve hit a good shot. It is derived from hunting, where certain dogs are better hunters than others. So it is with golf shots.
  21. That puppy is flame-broiled description of a drive that is hit hard and far. (As in a Whopper, just like at Burger King.)
  22. Throw your purse at it – Use this after your playing partner has just left his eight foot birdie putt four feet short. Watch for flying putters.
  23. Weekend warriors – Golfers who play infrequently, so called because the only time they can play is on weekends.
  24. You da man! – A popular expression among golf’s great unwashed, generally heard in the millisecond after a shot has been struck and well before the outcome of the shot can be determined. This is very annoying to da man when his shot lands in a lake.