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Fijikura has been on top of the tour circuit supply, with shafts in the bags of prominent professional golfers around the world., and it continues to lead the industry.

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Rombax™ material, uses an unprecedented combination of patented Triax material and a new and unique braided box weave composite, fortified with Kevlar triax in the tip section. This ultimate use of material and design engineering has created our finest series of shafts, which offer maximum shaft stability at impact with today’s oversized club head technology.

Rombax will change the way you approach the game. Specifically designed to reduce ovaling at the most critical stage of the swing, this shaft has a softer tip with lower kick to get the ball up quickly.

The Rombax 6W06 features a lower launch than the 5W, while still giving off low to mid spin. This shaft will benefit the faster swinging player with its 3.1° of torque.

The Rombax 5W06 is a light weight shaft designed for the player with a fast tempo. This shaft weighs 55g and creates low to mid spin while still providing a high launch. The 5W has 3.2° of torque and a mid to high bend point to get the ball up in the air without losing control.

The newest addition to the Rombax family in 2008 targets those top level players that desire a low, penetrating ball flight. The Z�s stiff tip and high bend profile is designed to dramatically reduce ball spin and launch angle.

Our next level of material technology, Rombax uses a unique combination of our proprietary Triax material and a new computer-woven, braided box weave composite, fortified with Kevlar Triax in the tip section.

Advanced performance technology should not be limited to only your woods, with the new Rombax 8D07HB hybrid shaft, it doesn’t have to. The 8D07 is a heavier weighted shaft for the more advanced player with a heavier swing.

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