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Penley Golf Shafts, The golf club design during the past decade has undergone considerable evolution, Many of the changes have been answered through new and advanced golf shaft designs, materials and manufacturing processes. Longer distance, lighter weight, higher swing speeds and dampened vibrations, have pushed golf club builders and manufacturers to higher challenges.

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Due to Carter Penley, some of the best results for the finest performing golf shafts were not obtained by one of the best known golf shaft manufacturers, but by a small research and development firm on the West Coast. Carter Penley, with a graduate degree and 35 years experience in composite materials, is the head of the P.R.D. Group. Specializing in the design of structural tubes using fiberglass (“E” type and “S” type), carbon fiber, Kevlar, boron and combinations thereof.

Parameters dictated for his research on golf shafts started with running a variety of tests on all golf shafts to target strength, durability, and playability. Carter Penley has been successful in developing a golf shaft that defies the laws of physics; squaring up with faster recovery at impact and with a wider range of player controlled swing speeds than any other shaft on the market today. Combining aerospace technology and his extensive experience in composites, Carter Penley incorporated new and innovative materials, resins processes and tooling in his new generation of golf shafts.

Micro-mechanics became the base material specific, of materials not generally used in the sports industry. To insure high fiber fraction (volume), a very-fine (nano-like diameter filament) high density fiber exclusively used by the defense aerospace contractors was selected. This material and design required a lower resin content to insure a low shaft weight yet maintaining the torque and stiffness levels without inducing brittleness., Penley also selected a high strength toughened resin specified for aerospace/flight hardware component design.

Carter Penley manufactures100% of all his golf shafts and other composite products in the U.S.A. and is one of the few – if any, owner, founder and designer that is full time at the manufacturing plant.

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