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Yes company specializes in the design and manufacture of cutting-edge putter technologies. Led by inventor and European putting instructor Harold Swash, Yes putters enjoy winning success on worldwide professional tours and continue to gain market share and momentum worldwide with innovative putter technologies like “C-groove”.  Mr. Harold Swash. A long time devotee of the science and art of putting. In Europe Harold is called the “Putting Doctor” and has been the coach to the majority of Europe’s Ryder team.

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Harold developed the most significant advance in putter technology in 1995. Knowing that every putter face made forces a ball to skip, skid and spin in its critical first few inches of travel, he developed and patented the C-Groove technology that allows balls to achieve forward roll almost immediately, so they have a better line and are less likely to be deflected en route to the cup.

C-Grooves ‘lift’ the back of the ball to start it rolling forward.

When a regular putter face impacts a golf ball it results in loft causing skidding, side- and even back-spinning before the ball can begin rolling forward on the green. The C-Groove on every Yes! putter solves this problem better than any other putter on the market. Which is why it’s covered by multiple patents.

The 20-degree upward slant of the C-Groove’s concentric edges. grip the ball surface and apply physical forces that simultaneously lift the ball out of its resting position forcing an over-the-top rolling motion. Early roll means less deflection and a straighter line. By gripping the back of the ball and lifting it forward on impact, the C-Grooves creates almost instant stabilization, causing the ball to roll forward much sooner than any other putter.

The C-Groove design has been approved by both of golf’s rule-making authorities: the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews (R&A) and the United States Golf Association (USGA).

Balls struck with the Yes! C-Grooves invariably achieved forward roll within 3” to 4” while balls struck by competitive putters repeatedly skidded, skipped and spun before settling into forward roll in approximately 18 inches.

Golf C-Groove putters have been ranked number 1 among 60 of golf’s top putters, by Rankmark, America’s premier golf testing company. Rankmark conducted independent testing at country clubs, driving ranges and PGA and LPGA Tour events.

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