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Founded as a club repair company in 1989 in a small garage in Mountain View, California, Kevin Burns Golf evolved into one of the finest manufacturers of high performance, high quality putters in the world.

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The Kevin Burns’ philosophy is “Never sacrifice quality for quantity.” Today, Kevin Burns Signature Series Putters can be found in the golf bags of several touring professionals each week, and during the last five seasons, KB Golf putters have picked up 25 victories worldwide.

From start to finish, the dominant theme throughout the KB Golf manufacturing plant in Sunnyvale, California, is an important one – Quality. It takes a long time to make a Kevin Burns Signature Series Putter. If you’ve ever played one, you know that it was worth every bit of effort.

Using low-carbon steel ultimately translates to enhanced feel and consistency on the putting green. All Kevin Burns Signature Series Putters start out as single blocks of low-carbon steel that have to be machined six times on six different milling machines in order to attain the desired look, craftsmanship and precision that’s come to be expected from a KB Putter.

From the moment a block of steel begins to transform into a Kevin Burns Signature Series Putter, Burns himself plays a hands-on role during each critical stage of the manufacturing process. The corners on our putters are rounded perfectly. We are not about flash. We are about manufacturing good, clean-looking designs that are effective.” “If I’m willing to put my name on it and reputation on the line, it better be perfect,” explains Burns. “I may not be the biggest manufacturer or the most well known, but I know that I’m the best engineer.

Beyond the obvious dedication that goes into every single KB Putter, there are several other factors as to why Kevin Burns Signature Series designs are the best. “The secret is really a combination of everything that they do during the entire manufacturing process. They have the best, longest lasting finishes in the world, and top-notch machinery to machine putters right.

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9303 9304 9310 Center Shaft
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