Guerin Rifle Golf Putter

Guerin Rife’s unique high-low alignment feature and unique roll technology, along with clean designs, provide golfers with the finest putters ever developed for rolling a golf ball accurately.

Mr. Guerin Rife began designing training products and clubs as a hobby and for friends in the early 1990’s. He designed training aids for some of the top teachers in the industry including David Leadbetter, Rick Smith, and Jim McLean. By the mid-1990s.

Guerin Rife developed RollGroove Technology and patented the unique horizontally and precisely spaced grooves that are now on all RIFE Putters. In 1998, RollGroove Technology was licensed to Top Flite, the was reacquired by Rifle and he began presenting his designs to the PGA Tour and selling products to retailers throughout the US. By 2004. Over 100 tour players worldwide now use Guerin Rifle putters weekly. RIFE Putters is the #1 putter on the Champions Tour with as much as 40% of the field putting a RIFE in Play.

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