The Royal Golf Grip: Your Putter’s Best Friend

Royal Golf Grip is a masterly designed golf grip that is quickly gaining popularity on the market. This grip was created with the professional golfer in mind, and offers an unrivaled level of performance and control. If you are looking to take your game to the next level, then be sure to check out Royal Golf Grip! 

Who makes royal golf grips?

Royal Golf Grips were manufactured by Royal Precision, a company based in Connecticut. This company has been manufacturing products since 1975 and they have become one of the most well-known golf grip companies in America. Finally, Lamkin Corporation acquired the Royal Grip brand from Royal Precision Golf, a Torrington, Connecticut manufacturer of steel and graphite shafts and golf grips.

The company’s name is derived from its grip material, which comes in a variety of colors. The Royal Grip offers the distinctive feel and durability of the King Cobra men’s and Senior King Cobra lines. The performance capabilities of clubs utilizing Royal Grip are extended by two to three years through the enhanced feel and durability of the product. 

Many other manufacturers have learned, like as Cobra has, the great endurance of Royal grips and how significant this information is in extending the feel and balance of their clubs. Golf club grips are designed, produced, and distributed by Royal Grip. Since Royal Grip’s introduction of its all-rubber wrap golf grip, it has gained rapid acceptance on the PGA Tour by players who demand the ultimate control.

Royal Grip has developed its own rubber formulation for an exclusive grip that is technologically superior to many others. The all-rubber construction provides outstanding durability, allowing the player to feel every shot, while their high traction characteristics provide maximum club control. Because of this unique blend of properties that Royal grips are known for, they remain the most widely-used grips on the PGA Tour. 

Why Royal Golf Grip is the best option?

Royal Grip is a patented flat stick design that will give you the best feeling stick in the market. It offers a level of comfort and precision unheard of in most other golf grips. This premium grip also features a stainless steel attachment bolt, which makes for an easy install. 

This product is made with an exclusive rubber blend that is not only extremely durable, but grippy as well. This grip will be the most comfortable and easiest to play with on the market today! When you buy Royal Grip, you can rest assure that you are receiving a top-of-the-line product which was made to perform at its best! 

Works well for everyone

Royal Golf grip is designed for golfers of all skill levels. If you are an avid golfer who has struggled with hand fatigue, or if you are just starting out, this product will give you the control and comfort that you deserve! This product also works great in any weather condition, so don’t be afraid to pick one up today! 

Royal Golf Grip is your number 1 choice for premium flat stick performance. If you are interested in winning more games, and having the best time playing golf, this might be the grip for you. 

How do I find the right size grip?

To find the right size grip for you and your clubs, just follow these simple steps: 

1. Locate the club you would like to replace your grip on and measure that club’s current grip using a tape measure or ruler (usually from the top of the grip to the bottom). 

2. Choose a grip that is larger or smaller depending on your needs. For example, if your current grip measures between 4 and 4.5 inches, you might opt for a size 3.5 grip. If the club is smaller than 4 inches, you might go with a size 1. 

3. Make sure the grip does not extend beyond the bottom of the club, otherwise the grip will interfere with your club’s head. For putters, you want to choose a grip that fits just inside the bottom of the club’s head. 

Discounted Royal Golf Grips

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Here are some best options

Royal Grip Sand Wrap V Golf Grip

The V-shape on the Royal Grip Sand Wrap golf grip is made with Tour-proven sand wrap texture technology. This grip will provide you with more control and comfort, allowing you to play your best game! This is the ideal grip for players looking for an average price point, and who want a grip that will last. 

Royal Grip Perforated Wrap Golf Grip

The Royal Grip Perforated Wrap golf grip is a traditional perforated wrap grip with a price tag to match. This grip features a tacky and comfortable feel that lets you hit down on the ball with less fatigue. 

Royal Grip Mct Bi-Color Golf Grip

The Royal Grip MCT Bi-Color golf grip is designed for players looking for even more control and distance on their game. It features a soft, tacky feel that will help you get a better connection with your club. The grip is also made with a smaller diameter to fit in the player’s hands more ergonomically. 

Royal Grip Sand Wrap Golf Grip

The Royal Grip Sand Wrap golf grip is a well-known favorite among professional golfers. It features a soft, tacky feel that will provide you with additional traction. This grip is made to be extra-durable and long-lasting, so you can trust your club’s connection with this grip. 

Royal Grip Mct Bi-Color Putter Grip

The Royal Grip MCT Bi-Color putter grip provides a pleasant soft feel. It is made with a tacky silicone to give you even more control. The smaller diameter design makes it easier for all players to putt with consistency and accuracy. 

Royal Grip is the world’s most trusted grip company, and with good reason. If you want to up your game and increase your fun, make sure you grab one of our grips today. 

Some FAQs!

How do I install my Royal Golf Grip?

Royal Golf Grips are easy to install, and they can be installed in just a few minutes. Simply remove the old grip and, if it is dirty, wash it with soap and water. Let the handle dry completely before applying your new grip. Then, apply grip solvent to the tacky side of your new grip and attach it to the golf club. Finally, secure your new grip using a golf club iron and let it dry overnight. 

Do pro golfers use oversize grips?

Most professional golfers do not use oversize grips, although that is a matter of personal preference. It is very rare for a player to change their grip size, especially in tournament play. 

How many grips do I need to buy?

Royal Golf Grips come in packs of two and four. If you select a two-pack, you will receive two grips with your order. If you purchase a pack of four, you will receive four grips with your order. 

What is the difference between a wrap grip and a conventional grip?

There are many different types of golf club grips, and each has its own advantages. Conventional grips feature a flat surface with or without lines to help players hold the club in their hands. A wrap grip features a deeper texture with lines, bumps or contours to help improve the player’s grip. Wrap grips are most commonly found on putter grips.