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Karakal brand is fast approaching its 30th birthday and the Karakal golf division is 9 years old, with the world’s best golf grips and a number of the world’s top golf brands.

Karakal Golf Grips are good in all kinds of weather,  They have combined the finest polyurethane textile construction and design from the original series X-Tack, X-Tack II, X-JP, X-JP II to the new series XX-Tack, Power V, Gradation and Camouflage designs. The new improved XX-Tack Has more tack and shock absorbency to satisfy market demands.

The Jumbo Grip series developed for putters, offers super light Karakal Jumbo Grips in two sizes JPV and JP 10. They both weigh the same as normal putter grips to maintain the balance of your putter. These Jumbo grips offer an outstanding feel and shock absorbency.

Karakal Gradation Wrapless Grips and Camouflage Design Grips, introduced in late 2008 they have turned out to be a big hit in the market. Improved technology in printing and indenting along with new aesthetic designs and color options have made them the golf grips of choice.

Karakal Golf Grips stand for quality and innovation. In 2002 the original logo was an image of a Karakal. Its’ closest relatives are Bobcats and Lynx.

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