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Zevo Golf Club

Last Updated on December 31, 2021 
Zevo Golf Club

Zevo Golf Equipment

Golfsmith International Inc. acquired the assets of Temecula, Calif.-based Zevo Golf in May of 2003.

The acquisition supports Golfsmith's strategy of delivering proprietary, mid-market golf clubs, accessories and apparel to their consumers. With its patented innovations, Zevo is a perfect fit for golfers who want advanced technology at value prices.

Zevo is recognized throughout the industry for its achievements in the research and design of progressive golf clubs. In 2002, the company introduced the Zevo Compressor compressor, machine that decreases the volume of air or other gas by the application of pressure. The technology keeps the clubhead in a state of permanent tension, which increases clubhead strength by 50 percent and eliminates expansion of the head so that all energy is directed to the clubface.

That same year, Zevo unveiled its Z-1 irons that combine a thin clubface, a perimeter-weighted iron body and a reinforcing lightweight Flying Buttress design. The improved weight distribution of the Flying Buttress design delivers more clubhead stability and a solid feel.

Merchandise is now available through Golfsmith's retail stores, its Accessory catalog and its online store

Zevo golf is a product that is strong in technology and design. The company has proud history and quality product line with it's “Compressor” driver and “Pre-Loading” technology designed to enhance distance and power in drivers.

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Zevo Golf Club Models


Air Zevo Comp Equipe Compressor Lob Metal
Air Zevo Oversize Fly-Ti

Fairways & Hybrids

BF-1 Kathy Whitworth III Opal LS CR-6
CP 5 Kathy Whitworth IV Opal LS LX-7
Essence 301 Kathy Whitworth VI Opal LS TL-5
Essence 303 Light and Easy 444 Plus 601 Square Two
Essence Chipper Light and Easy 444 Plus 602 TP-3
Kathy Whitworth I Light and Easy 444 Plus 603 TP-4
Kathy Whitworth II MM-2

Iron Sets

Comp Equipe Midsize Lob Zevo Tour Blade
Comp Equipe Oversize Mid Blade ZV-2
Custom Ground Blade Z Blade
Fly-Ti Z1


Comp Equipe Midsize Lob Zevo Tour Blade
Comp Equipe Oversize Mid Blade ZV-2
Custom Ground Blade Z Blade
Fly-Ti Z1
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