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Tour Edge was founded in 1968 by David Glod, a former golf pro who set out to change consumer perception of the golf industry by providing a truly high quality product at an affordable price. Today Tour Edge is one of the fastest growing manufacturers, and in 1996 made the list of the Top 40 manufacturers in Golf Pro Magazine.

Tour Edge is a industry innovator for Golf Clubs, Gloves, Golf Bags, Head-covers, Headwear, Shirts and accessories. Exotic materials deliver powerful performance in the Tour Edge Club Lineup. Introducing the new Exotics XCG-V driver.

Your pulse races, adrenaline flows. When you pull it out of the bag you know it will deliver. The new Exotics XCG-V driver gives you the power and control to rip it straight down the middle of the fairway.

The XCG-V combines captivating design and high-tech materials. It features a “v-shaped” titanium cup face, ultra light magnesium crown, and a heavier high-density steel sole plate which are brazed together for permanent bonding without welding. This revolutionary brazing process uniquely combines the three dissimilar metals without welding.

For greater power and distance, the cup-face is 125% larger than previous Exotics models and features a 30% larger hot zone. The larger face and hot zone delivers industry leading rebound from more points on the face. Consistent with the Exotics heritage, the XCG-V has an extremely low spin rate. The larger hot zone and lower spin rate combine to deliver the long penetrating drives that you expect from an Exotics.

The XCG-V reacts brilliantly to off-center hits thanks to its perfect weight distribution: 49% of the club’s weight sits below the ball and in rear corners of the sole. This set up is achieved by the v-shaped titanium cup face/hosel and the magnesium crown. Because the magnesium crown is two times lighter than a titanium crown it allows more weight to be placed in the heavy steel sole. This creates a deeper CG angle and CG distance that helps the club face square at impact with more force for a quick launch and longer, hotter more accurate drives. By far the XCG-V has the lowest, deepest center of gravity of any Exotics driver yet.

The XCG-V is not only a high-performance driver but a golf club that stirs the senses. Featuring a responsive and powerful Graphite Design Tour Ad or Aldila Voodoo 75 gram shaft the XCG-V golfers delivers the power and performance golfers expect from an Exotic.

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Tour Edge Golf Club Models


Bazooka 320J Bazooka JMAX 460CF Exotics XCG
Bazooka 350J Bazooka JMAX Carbon Exotics XCG-V
Bazooka 350JI Bazooka JMAX Carbon 460 Exotics XLD
Bazooka 400J Bazooka JMAX Houdini Exotics XLD-LS
Bazooka F4 Bazooka JMAX QL HP3
Bazooka F4 Offset Bazooka OS Hyper Steel
Bazooka GeoMax Bazooka QLS Lift-Off
Bazooka GeoMax 2 Bazooka Tungsten Beta Ti Lift-Off HyperSteel 300
Bazooka GeoMax 2 Draw Comp 950 Lift-Off Ti
Bazooka HL Comp LX V25
Bazooka JMAX Exotics
Bazooka JMAX 385 Tour Exotics Tour Proto

Fairways & Hybrids

Any Lie Bazooka JMAX Houdini Exotics CB2
Bazooka F4 Bazooka JMAX Iron-Wood Exotics Hybrid
Bazooka GeoMax Bazooka JMAX QL Exotics Iron-Wood
Bazooka GeoMax 2 Bazooka JMAX QL Iron-Wood Exotics XCG
Bazooka GeoMax 2 Draw Bazooka JMAX Tour Iron-Wood Exotics XCG Hybrid
Bazooka GeoMax 2 Hybrid Bazooka OS Exotics XCG-V
Bazooka GeoMax Hybrid Bazooka QLS Exotics XCG-V Hybrid
Bazooka HL Bazooka QLS Hybrid HP3
Bazooka J Series Bazooka Tungsten Beta Ti Hyper Steel
Bazooka JMAX Comp 950 Lift-Off
Bazooka JMAX Carbon Comp LX Lift-Off Iron-Wood
Bazooka JMAX Draw Iron-Wood Exotics Lift-Off Tour Iron-Wood


Batavia Pure Feel III T-Balance 01
Bazooka Automatic Pure Feel IV T-Balance 02 Belly
CR-1 Pure Feel V T-Balance 02 Long
CR-2 St. Charles T-Balance 03
CR-3 Super Soft 1 Ti-Zone 4555
CR-4 Super Soft 2 Ti-Zone 5050
CR-5 Super Soft 21 Ti-Zone 5446
CR-6 Super Soft 22 TS-1
Equator E-1 Super Soft 23 TS-2
Equator E-2 Super Soft 24 TS-3
Exotics DGV1.1 Super Soft 3 TS-4
Exotics DGV2.1 Super Soft 31 TS-5
Exotics DGV3.1 Super Soft 4 V25
Pure Feel I Super Soft 41 Belly Warrenville
Pure Feel II Super Soft 5 West Chicago


Bazooka 350J Bazooka QLS HP3
Bazooka Combo Bazooka Ti Lift-Off
Bazooka GeoMax 2 Blades Lift-Off Tung
Bazooka JMAX Bounce Black Nickel Comp 950 SP1
Bazooka JMAX Bounce Silver Chrome Comp 950 Tour SP1 Plus
Bazooka JMAX Iron-Wood Comp LX Super-Spin DG3
Bazooka JMAX Milled Face Exotics Super-Spin DG4
Bazooka JMAX QL Exotics CNC Forged Blades TGS
Bazooka JMAX QL Iron-Wood Exotics EX-3 Tour
Bazooka JMAX Tour Iron-Wood Exotics XCG V-Blade Forged
Bazooka Progressive Exotics Xtreme Spin

Iron Sets

Bazooka 350J Bazooka Ti HP3
Bazooka Combo Blades Lift-Off
Bazooka GeoMax 2 Comp 950 Lift-Off Tung
Bazooka JMAX Iron-Wood Comp 950 Tour SP1
Bazooka JMAX QL Comp LX SP1 Plus
Bazooka JMAX QL Iron-Wood Exotics Tour
Bazooka JMAX Tour Iron-Wood Exotics CNC Forged Blades V-Blade Forged
Bazooka Progressive Exotics EX-3
Bazooka QLS Exotics XCG