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Tear Drop Golf Club

Last Updated on January 1, 2022 
Tear Drop Golf Club

Tear Drop Golf Equipment

Tear Drop roll face technology is applied to all Tear-Drop putters and works for players of all skill levels. Unique face design adapts to any putting stroke ensuring solid contact and true roll. Precision milled faces produces the ideal face radius for smooth contact.

Tear Drop Golf Clubs

TearDrop’s Roll-Face Technology permits golfers to impact the golf ball just below the equator, resulting in more pure and consistent roll.

Tear Drop markets their putters under the the following brands.

  • Milled
  • Select
  • Zebra

These brands have a multitude of designs to suit many golfers varied preferences.

TearDrop Putters are designed with Roll-Face Technology; which includes a radius on the face of each putter that allows for a golfer’s inconsistency of hand position at impact. Compared to flat-faced putters, they are far more forgiving.

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