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Pixl Golf uses their own patented technology that incorporates over one hundred individual pieces of material in the clubface to deliver the ultimate combination of golf club forgiveness and feel. Hand-crafted to within one one-thousands of an inch, the one hundred pixels on the face of the golf club increase the forgiveness and feel of the golf club.

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A company called Pixl Golf has released a line of putters, wedges, and irons that revolves around a new pixel technology. At impact, the pixels in contact with the surface of the ball transfer all of their energy to the ball, in tern there is no energy lost..

Pixl wedges use over 200 independent pieces, called pixels, to make up the hitting area of the clubface. Robot testing shows that the independent pixel behavior improves the energy transfer on miss-hits, resulting in a distance improvement of up to 5%. The pixels are not attached to each other and act independently at impact, much like the individual coils on a mattress. The independent pixel behavior combines with precision-machined grooves to create exceptional spin. The result is a ball rebound that is extremely consistent regardless of the impact location.

Awards: In PGATour.com’s “Best of the Best Golden Tee Awards” for year 2000, PGATour.com awarded the Pixl 1.8 Series the highest ranking, “birdie.” Sharing the ranking with Pixl Golf was the Scotty Cameron Mil-Spec. Trailing behind Pixl and Cameron were such models as Odyssey White Hot, Ping Isoforce 2, Carbite, and Never Compromise, which were all ranked as “par.”

Pixel technology is based on the use of pixel inserts designed to provide enhanced consistency and control. Ping for one has been using the technology in its Isoforce putters via a special licensing arrangement with the Beta Group.

The Pixl wedge has a unique feel, the spin created is quite sharp and precise and knifes through sand well. The ball reacts well to the clubface regardless of where the ball and clubface have contact.

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