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Pinseeker Golf Club is the best golf club I have ever played with. I usually play with Calloway, but this set of clubs is the best! They are very cool to look at, and they make you play better. The irons seem easy to hit, and they come out of the grass easily. All around these are great clubs, especially for beginners like me. 

Pinseeker Specs

Pinseeker Medallion Control Iron Heads are forged from 1020 carbon steel. They are then triple plated with nickel, copper, and silver for maximum corrosion resistance. Finally, they are finished in black nickel, which gives them a very sleek, almost futuristic look. 

The heads come in the following weights: 3-iron (195 grams), 4-iron (170 grams), 5-iron (155 grams). These irons look cool but how well do they play? I was really surprised to find that these babies can go up to 200 yards off the tee! That’s awesome considering their lightweight and excellent design. The Pitching Wedge is Flip Flop Resistant and has an 80 Degree, Bounce Angle. 

The driver is a 460cc titanium alloy head with a diablo edge design. The face consists of pure titanium and is very lightweight, yet still has a massive sweet spot to generate the highest level of clubhead speed for distance and accuracy. The soleplate is made from carbon steel, which makes it robust enough for long-lasting durability even when you are using them every day on the range/course. 

Its Material is Not Cheap

The grip on the club feels very nice, of course, you don’t want it to feel bad if your hands are slippery with sweat or rain, but these grips are perfect. The new head design is also great. I am always focused on hitting right down the middle of the ball with these clubs because they look so good standing up on the tee box! They definitely help me play better because they are just so easy to focus on. I think anyone can use them and become a pro at this game after using the Pinseeker Golf Club set. 

Every time I have played golf since then, I have notched my score down by one or two shots each time out. That’s nothing to brag about but for someone like me, who has never even played this game before, I am pretty excited about my progress. 

I do not know if it is Pinseeker Golf Club set, but I think they are helping. I want to say thanks for making them available so that people like me can learn how to play golf without having to worry about making a fool of myself in front of real golfers! 

Is It Worth The Money?

The price tag on the club says $399.99, which was rather steep for my wallet when you consider that the drivers only cost around $200. Then again, most people don’t play golf just once or twice a year during vacation time at their vacation home in Bermuda. 

If you are an avid golfer, then I suggest that you invest in Pinseeker Golf Club set. You will not be disappointed.  

Look and Feels

This club Feels Like A High-Tech Gadget From The Future. The new design is really cool looking; it looks like something out of Star Wars or Ghostbusters (although you probably shouldn’t tell your opponents that). They come with two drivers – a standard one and an extra-long driver for those times when you are stuck way out on the fairway without any clubs left to help guide your ball back towards safety or at least playability. 


I have now played three nine-hole rounds with Pinseeker Golf Club set, and I have noticed a huge improvement in my game! The clubs have a very wide range which makes them great for beginners. The clubs are also lightweight, which is great while you’re walking the course or taking a break from swinging to get your breath back. 

I mean, I was able to hit some holes so far out on the green that my partner had to carry her own golf bag because she could not possibly reach it from where we were standing at the tee! Honestly, this set of Pinseeker Golf Club is an excellent investment for any serious golfer who wants to improve their game. 

The irons in this Pinseeker Golf Club set are not only sleek but they play beautifully too! They work really well around the greens and have a great feel – it’s like they were made for my hands. 

I chose these clubs because of the performance, but I guess you really do get what you pay for! This set is honestly one of the best investments I have ever made. 

Well-made Set from Pinseeker Golf Club

Sometimes when people buy things from a company that is totally new to them, they end up disappointed with their purchase because the product does not live up to its description or because it arrives damaged/defective. They should know that this is NOT going to be an issue with Pinseeker Golf Club set. These guys are the real deal, and their products are very high quality. 


So basically it is a good golf club set for the money and you will get your money’s worth plus more. It has a great price tag and it is well worth it if you play golf every day or even every weekend during good weather. If you are going to buy this product I recommend getting two sets since they are nice clubs and pretty cheap for what you’re getting compared to other companies out there selling the same thing but with a higher price tag. The grips on them feel really nice when holding onto them and they look great. 

Speaking for myself here, I know that buying these clubs was one of the best things I have ever done! They may cost a bit more at some stores than your average set of golf clubs, but Pinseeker Golf Club set gives much better value for money because they last longer and improve my game by leaps and bounds every time I play with them! 

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