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John B. Hoeflich or “Hoefy” as golf insiders know him is one of the most renowned golf club designers in the world. Hoeflich joined the Nickent team years ago and directed a complete overhaul of the product line starting with the 3DX line and continuing on with the innovative 4DX woods, hybrids, irons and wedges. “Nickent leads the hybrid revolution that has changed the way golfers set up their bags forever.

At Nickent Golf, their entire development process is born out of a 100% commitment to performance. This commitment is driven by a dedication to advanced technologies and an absolute focus on design innovation.

Spring has sprung and there are new drivers, fairways, hybrids, irons, wedges and putters galore. This looks like the year that interchangeable shaft technology will live up to its promise. Nickent’s 4DX Evolver started the revolution and it is still one of the best!

Not playing a hybrid yet? What’s holding you back? This year’s versions, including Nickent’s new 5DX, are the best ones yet and could shave lots of strokes off your score.

The new 5DX Ironwood has been getting some very positive feedback. One nationally know golf editor reports that he tried the 5DX and “it’s in the bag!”. The “look” of the head is what people are excited about when they first get the 5DX. When we added the “wings”, making a club that looks good in the address position is a lot harder than making a club that performs well and when you combine the two you have a winner.

Nickent alignment mallet putters are better than ever.

Nickent Golf has established itself as a brand of the future. Tour success in 2008, as well as increased distribution plus positive consumer feedback are all signs that Nickent is on the right track.

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Nickent Golf Club Models


3DX Square 4DX SuperMAG Genex Cross
3DX Tour Square Genex 3DX Goddess
4DX Genex 425 Forged
4DX SE Genex 460 TriMax

Fairways & Hybrids

3DX Pro 5DX Ironwood Genex Cross
3DX RC IW Genex 3DX Genex Titanium
4DX Genex 3DX Ironwood Goddess
4DX Ironwood Genex 3DX Ironwood DC Goddess Ironwood
4DX Utility Genex 3DX Utility DC
3DX 4DX Hybrid Genex GH Plus
3DX Hybrid 4DX Pro Genex Titanium
3DX Pro Arc Blades Goddess
3DX RC Genex 3DX
4DX CB Genex Arc Blades


Pipe II PP/01 Pipe II PP/05 Pipe PP/004
Pipe II PP/02 Pipe PP/001 Pipe PP/005
Pipe II PP/03 Pipe PP/002
Pipe II PP/04 Pipe PP/003


3DX Arc Black Genex Arc Chrome
3DX Hybrid Arc Blades Genex Arc GunMetal
3DX Pro Arc Chrome Genex Arc Oil Can
3DX RC Arc Gunmetal Genex GH Plus
4DX CB Arc Matte Chrome Genex Titanium
4DX Hybrid Genex 3DX Goddess
4DX Pro Genex Arc Blades