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Mitsushiba golf equipment is the latest in the market. It is mainly produced for professional players, but can be used by amateurs as well. Mitsushiba has also come up with a sub-brand named “Takt” which produces mid-range golf equipment along with its expensive counterparts. 

As of now, Mitsushiba golf clubs have 1 year warranty period and an option of 1-year free servicing on select models available at all leading outlets across the globe. The very first thing that must be kept in mind while planning to buy golf clubs is that they are quite different from other sports goods like footballs, cricket bats, etc., since they are long-handled tools for hitting balls over longer distances. 

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Are Mitsushiba any good?

This is one common question that always haunts the minds of beginners. Mitsushiba golf equipment is no doubt expensive stuff, but they are worth every penny spent on them considering their design, durability, and performance. Whether you buy online or offline, it’s important to consult a local supplier or dealer for fitting your choice club with right-sized grips and shafts. 

Mitsushiba golf clubs are very popular among all ranges of players from professionals to amateurs. The brand is doing really well in the market and if you check out Mitsushiba’s website, they even have a section dedicated to clubs for beginners. All Mitsushiba golf equipment is made up of high-quality materials. 

Who Makes Mitsushiba Golf Clubs?

Mitsushiba golf clubs are the brainchild of Japanese company Mitsukoshi Holdings Ltd, one of the leading distributors in Japan. Mitsushiba is famous for making good quality products that are durable and affordable at the same time.  


Mitsushiba golf equipment has its specs written on the label which must be checked before buying any equipment. This is one of the most important factors that distinguish professional clubs from recreational ones, since if not checked during purchase it may turn out to be extremely tricky for an amateur player to handle it. 

The MI shaft used in Mitsushiba golf clubs is made of mahogany hickory wood. The hickory wood component allows it to possess more strength and durability than other woods like maple or ash while giving them lighter weights as well. Mitsushiba’s steel club heads are made using state-of-the-art technology called “Forged Flow Forming Technology” (FFT It minimizes the height weight distribution of the head and makes it extremely light. Because of this technology, Mitsushiba golf clubs have a higher MOI (Moment of Inertia), which means that even if you miss-hit a shot, the clubhead will still fly at nearly the same speed as it would on hitting a perfect shot. 

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Mitsushiba Viper Golf Clubs

Mitsushiba Viper Woods

The Mitsushiba Viper woods are a collection of latest golf clubs, designed with the aim of being more aerodynamic and slinging less. A standard Mitsushiba Viper head is made by attaching a titanium alloy to a super-lightweight clubhead body using a patented adhesion system. The benefit of attaching titanium alloy on the face of shaft is that it prevents it from getting dented while striking off-center shots which might be common in playing beginners. 

Along with this, the new viper head design also minimizes air resistance for fast swings and ensures stable trajectories on long drives. They have a high-speed rating as well which means that they can deliver maximum speeds on long shots keeping in mind their light weights. 

Mitsushiba Viper Irons

Just like woods, Mitsushiba has made a set of irons with the name “Viper”. These clubs give you more control over your shots and their aerodynamic head design ensures that they travel in a straight line. The shafts in Mitsushiba Viper irons are also quite light and the weight is evenly distributed throughout the club which gives you maximum contact area when playing shots. 

Mitsushiba Verdict Golf Clubs – Graphite 

Golf is a game of accuracy, and with the Mitsushiba Verdict iron set you are sure to make accurate shots with their graphite shafts. All golfers have different strengths in their swings which makes it difficult for them to perform well with clubs that take away from those strengths. If you find your iron’s face too closed or open at impact, then taking a look at the Verdict series might help you improve your style and shot making. 

Grip & Shaft

Mitsushiba grips are made using “Kosei Kawa” rubber material. This allows maximum absorption of sensation during gripping and control over each swing while giving them the best look possible. They also possess very vibrant colors to catch an amateur’s attention while their unique design ensures that they don’t slip off hands while playing. The shafts used in Mitsushiba golf clubs are of “Tacki-Mac” material, which is an advanced form of graphite that allows them to possess more flexibility, durability, and lighter weights. 

Price range & Warranty

The price of Mitsushiba golf clubs largely depends on the model you choose. The more expensive ones start at around $850. There is also a 1-year free servicing scheme available for all of their products across the globe leading sports outlets like Golf Galaxy, etc. unless otherwise stated by the brand in its warranty card/ bill provided with the product when purchased. 

A set containing 14 pieces can cost between $899 whereas they can go up to $1000 for a set containing 18 pieces. 

Usage Analysis  

Mitsubishi golf clubs are primarily used by professionals who have been playing it long enough to be efficient and handle expensive equipment with ease, or those who simply wish to practice their skills over a larger distance for higher scores. But if you can afford them, they can also be very helpful in improving your overall game as well. 

However, Mitsushiba clubs are not recommended for beginners because of the high price range that comes into play as well as the technically advanced features that make it difficult for one to understand how to use them well from scratch which ultimately results in incorrect handling causing several swings and even breaking of heads/ shafts. Lastly, since they are very advanced in terms of technology and materials used, if not handled properly they can cause serious injury to anyone playing with them. 


Mitsubishi golf clubs are among the best available in the markets today due to their extremely high-quality specs all across their range making them durable, increase swing speed of both long and short distances which increases accuracy over larger areas.    They also possess a high MOI ensuring that it’ll hit near same distance even if you miss-hit the ball. Along with this, Mitsushiba club heads are made using state-of-the-art “Forged Flow Forming Technology” that makes them extremely lightweight making it easier for one to swing at longer distances without becoming fatigued. 


The most common con that most people face while buying Mitsushiba golf clubs is the large amount of money that comes into play with purchase. They can go up to $1000 for a single set of 18 pieces which puts them out of the reach of the majority of the population around the world along with making one uneducated in terms of what to look for when purchasing such an expensive product, which is why we recommend you to go through our guide before taking any steps and read reviews about the particular model by different users and professionals before purchasing it. 

Secondly, they’re not recommended for beginners mainly because they’re expensive and very advanced in terms of their features need proper attention and focus from users which an amateur cannot provide, making it dangerous for them to use resulting in serious injury or breakage of head/shafts, etc. 

Buying Guide

Mitsubishi clubs are among the highest rated products available in markets today, so their prices have a similar range as well. The lower priced ones go up to $400 while the costliest one costs more than $1000, which is why it is important that you read our buying guide before purchasing them for yourself or someone else. 

The first factor that needs attention is your budget because depending on how much money you’re willing to spend will depend on what kind of model you’ll be able to purchase. If your budget falls within $400 to $1000 then Mitsushiba golf clubs under $600 can prove suitable for practice rounds whereas Mitsushiba golf clubs over $800 are recommended if playing professionally since they come with features like steel shafts which are essential for long-distance shots. 

The next factor to consider is your level of expertise, because the high price range Mitsushiba golf clubs come with possess enhanced features that not everyone can comprehend at first, so it’ll be difficult for you to use them if you’re just starting out. If this describes your current situation then we recommend that you go through our buying guide to learn about what factors should be considered before purchasing them since they require immense focus and attention from users in order to understand how they work which an amateur wouldn’t have so the chances of misuse are much higher. 

If however, you are a professional or have been playing for some time now then there’s no need to worry so long as you have the money to purchase it because you’ll be able to fully comprehend their working and most importantly how they can let you play better with a few modifications of your own. This is why we recommend you go through our buying guide before purchasing them since they possess features that are suitable for amateurs and thus can cause a lot of trouble. 


Mitsubishi Golf Club is one of the topmost golf club manufacturer companies in India. All their products are made with high-quality materials and precise fitting, giving the professional golfer a feel as if they’re playing with original clubs. They also possess very bright and vivid colors that attract many customers. The only problem is their price as they can go up to $1000 for a set of 18 pieces which is out of reach for the majority around the world apart from making you uneducated about this product prior to purchase due to lack of proper details. If you have enough money and want only the best to be played with then Mitsushiba golf clubs may be your best buy. 

If however you don’t have a lot of money or cannot spend a big amount on a single set, there are much cheaper options available in the market as well as online for people who would like to try it before spending a large amount of money on this product. We recommend you to go through our article on Golf Clubs India and know about cheaper alternatives for this product before making a purchase. 


Are Mitsushiba golf clubs any good?

Yes!  Mitsushiba makes great golf clubs and equipment. I know a lot of people who use Mitsushiba, and they love it! If you’re looking for clubs, Mitsushiba golf clubs are definitely worth a try. They make all kinds of equipment and they’re good at it too. 

What’s the best Mitsushiba golf club?

Mitsushiba has a lot of great clubs. I like their woods and hybrids, but they have drivers, irons, wedges… pretty much everything. They’re not overly expensive so you can try out a bunch of different things and see what you like. If you’re looking for a few clubs to try, Mitsushiba makes great products and they won’t break the bank. 

Do people like Mitsushiba golf clubs?

People who use Mitsushiba think it’s great, just like Pinseeker! I can’t say enough about Mitsushiba, and I think it’s a great brand. A lot of people prefer Mitsushiba golf clubs over other brands because Mitsushiba has great quality with a cheap price tag. If you’re looking for clubs, I’d recommend giving Mitsushiba a try. 

Are Mitsushiba golf clubs expensive?

They can be a bit price but not much. I would say Mitsushiba golf clubs are really cheap, and a lot of people would agree. I think it’s worth trying out for yourself because if you’re looking for clubs, Mitsushiba golf clubs are definitely worth a try. I’ve tried them and I love mine.

Who makes Mitsushiba golf clubs?

Mitsushiba golf clubs were made by a Japanese company. It is the old product of this company and it is the most popular golf brand in Japan. Mitsushiba company mostly makes metal and rubber products except for its main aim of making golf clubs.