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KZG Golf Club

Last Updated on January 2, 2022 
KZG Golf Club

KZG's goal is to provide golfers worldwide with the best performing custom fit golf equipment. KZG's proprietary and patented golf equipment when properly fitted, simply cannot be beat.

KZG Golf Clubs and Accessories

Many stores and golf shops claim to offer custom fitted clubs but in reality they offer nothing more than a guessing game. Off-the-rack golf clubs typically do not fit the golfer properly. No amount of lessons using ill-fitting clubs will help the golfer improve his or her game.

The KZG Solution

Whether you are a touring professional or a beginner, KZG offers a wide range of award-winning golf club models to suit the different skill, strength, size, preferences and budgets of any golfer. KZG equipment is available through bona-fide professional club fitters who truly know how to fit equipment, thus insuring each golfer perfect fitted golf clubs to improve their game.

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KZG Golf Club Models


GF 460 SP OSX RBT 360
GF 4 SP 355 RBT 325