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Kasco is the most vertically integrated company in the world of golf, with complete control of all manufacturing processes—clubs, balls and gloves.

Far from a mere golf equipment company, Kasco is a game improvement company. While other companies focus a great deal of their attention and resources on hype, trends and tour counts, Kasco remains committed to game improvement.


At Kasco all administration staff – have had hands-on training, and are involved in quality control and new developments.

They believe everyone should experience the physical processes of manufacturing and have detailed understanding of the products that they produce.

It’s a company that’s not so much about building a product as they are about building results. That means innovation, but innovation with a purpose. It means rethinking the way a golf bag is set up, or even what a “set” of golf clubs has to be.

It means replacing an entire category of golf club with a new one that’s just plain easier to play. At Kasco their not selling you a golf club, their selling you a means to an end. Their goal is helping you become a better golfer, when you get Kasco, you get better.

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K2K 01 VS Tour  
KF-103 VS Tour RS

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K2K 01 VS Tour VS Tour RS

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K2K KF-103 VS Tour


K2K KF-103 VS Tour