Howson Golf Club Review

Even for the novice, Howson was a little brand that is a spin-off of Hippo Golf. The firm had an excellent consumer feedback and a strong set with a forgiving face for an enhanced game, even for those new to the sport.

Founded by Howson, it was a Golf company that had been in the business for a long time and sell a wide range of golfing tools. The club had a long-standing reputation as one of the UK’s largest retailers of high quality equipment, accessories & sports clothing to both casual and experienced players alike across its nationwide shops and website.

What’s in the clubs?

1) Carbon Titanium Driver

The Howson Carbon Titanium driver is built with the finest beta titanium and a carbon crown for incredible power, combined with the benefits of carbon composite ball flight.

The driver will provide strong golfer confidence on the tee thanks to its 460cc size and weight positioned deep in the club head, which has a low center of gravity for improved impact efficiency and optimal launch. It has a graphite shaft and is designed with great adjustability to suit most people, from those just starting their golfing adventure to those who have been playing for a long time.

2) Rescue Woods

The Howson attacker rescue woods add a lot of power and fun to the game. The ball is aided in gaining maximum energy conversion through the use of graphite shafts.

These clubs have a high moment of inertia, which affords more power on off-center hits and added forgiveness on mis-hits.

The woods have a multi-material construction with an aluminum crown and carbon throat for a clear, crisp sound at impact. The speed perimeter weighting leads to a higher launch.

3) Attacker Fairway Woods

The Howson Attacker fairway woods are made of a 17-4 maraging steel face and have more power and playability than previous versions. They have a higher MOI, which means straighter shots for more consistency.

The Attacker fairway woods are helpful to beginners because they have a forgiving head that has a large sweet spot, which makes it good for off-center hits.

4) Howson Driving Iron

The deep cavity back undercut design on this driver iron let you hit the ball further and with more force. The easy-to-hit mid iron has a wide face that can add loft for medium to high handicap players.

It has a mid-sized head with a straight leading edge and is finished with a new gloss chrome. It has a soft, smooth satin black finish on the back of the head and sole to minimize glare and add to the appearance.

5) Attacker Putters

The Attacker’s putter collection includes three conventional heel-toe putters. All putters include polymer faces for a soft yet solid feel on the putts.

They have a smooth, matte finish and are all finished with chrome plating around the edges to minimize glare. The putters feature a clear alignment aid to help golfers aim correctly.

6) Attacker Wedges

The Attacker wedges are made of 17-4 stainless steel and provide excellent feedback and feel. As standard, the Attacker wedges include a 70g grip and a loft of 52, 56 and 60 degrees.

The wedges have a milled face with a wide U-groove for more spin. The camber gives the wedges a higher leading edge for better contact from any lie, while the milled face creates a great sound at contact.

7) Attacker Chipper

Designed to help you make simple and accurate bump-and-run chip shots around the green. The Attacker chipper is made of 17-4 stainless steel and a large sweet spot, which is nice for amateurs.

It has a deep face with an undercut design to increase the moment of inertia. It’s perfect for shots where you need to make accurate bump-and-run chip shots.

Howson Golf Clubs and Accessories

1) Howson RS3 Club Set

The RS3 Club Set Titanium driver has a hyper steel face and utility model. The rebound face was created for forgiveness and playability in any skill level. It has a deep body and a classic head shape for this magnetic set. The stainless steel irons have a hyper steel face, a progressive hosel design and a milled finish for added control.

2) RS-3 Stainless Steel Irons

The confidence-inducing deep cavity back undercut design creates simple to hit mid irons and finer precision in the short irons, allowing you to attack your desired area of the course. It has a milled finish for added dynamics and a satin brushed steel appearance.

3) RS-3 Putter

The RS3 putter has a modern mallet design and a deep alignment line with an added confidence boost from the face balanced cavity back. It has a stainless steel head and is complete with dimensions on the sole for fairway, rough or green.

4) RS-3 Stainless Steel Hybrids

The RS-3 Hybrid is the perfect alternative to long irons. With it’s high strength, hyper steel face for enhanced forgiveness and control, milled finish for added dynamics and satin brushed steel appearance, making it one to add your set!

3 Best Howson Clubs at eBay

1) Howson Tour Master Iron Set

It is a 5 piece set with steel shafts and has a graphite grip. The handle is stainless steel. It includes a 4,5,6,7,8,9 and a PW with the length of 38.25 inch with a D2 swing weight.

2) Hippo Cheap Starter Set

It is a 4 piece set with graphite shafts. The length is 39 inch with an F1 swing weight. It has a classic head shape and a milled face. It has a polished head and a steel shafts. This club is designed with the beginner in mind.

3) Howson Fire Blade Oversize 9 Iron Golf Club RH Steel Shaft

It is a standard 9 iron with an oversize club head. It has an ultra thin face area and CNC milled deep pocket cavity for high launch low spin. The club has a ball position correct shaft and is set with an Nippon NS Pro 950GH graphite shaft. It has a steel shaft, right hand and is 34 inches long.


Why Howson is still a good option?

It is still a best option because it is a very flexible set. The clubs are multi-purpose which makes it an ideal set for beginners, casual players or pro’s who need to carry fewer clubs during their rounds. It also has excellent consumer feedback. After long years still the best option to choose for you!

What are the factors to conisder in an old Club?

There are many factors to conisder for an old club. The first factor is to consider the condition of the older golf club. If you are buying a used club it is important to determine the quality of the club. It is also important to consider the age of your older golf club and how it reflects on its condition.

Is hippo a good golf brand?

Yes! Hippo is a very good golf brand. This is because the Set also includes hybrids which are easier to hit than long irons. The Iron’s have a classic look and are designed to hit with control and accuracy. The Putter has excellent feedback from users. All in all, a good value set that is recommended for beginners.

Does Howson have any steel shaft sets?

Yes, Howson has one steel shaft set which includes the 4,5,6,8 irons and hybrids. It has a steel shaft and graphite grip. This is another excellent choice for beginners as it has a more forgiving head.

What company makes HiPPO golf clubs?

In 1989, Howson Sports, a UK-based sports equipment maker, became the HiPPO golf brand. It’s now probably the largest European multi-sport equipment company.

Howson club set is best for beginner?

Yes, Howson club set is an excellent choice for beginners because it is full of forgiveness. The Irons are well-designed having both good trajectories and control on short approach shots. The hybrids are also designed for enhanced forgiveness and accuracy. All in all, a good choice for beginners!