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Carbite Golf – golf equipment, putters, wedges, and more Carbite Golf – Leader in golf technology, introduces Polar Balanced tungsten weighted putters and the new Tungsten TRi-Weight Putter.

Carbite Golf Clubs and Accessories

Based in Carlsbad, California, Carbite was founded in 1988. In 1992, Carbite’ introduced “Polar Balanced” technology which combines heavy tungsten at the heel and toe, with lightweight materials in the putter head, to ensure a larger sweet spot so that square hits are solid and consistent, and off-center hits perform better.

Clubs Include:

ZG Hosel Putter

ZG Double Bend Putter

CB-X Blade & CM-X Mallet

ZGB OS Blade & ZGM OS Mallet

Polar Balance X-treme Wedges

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Carbite putters feature “Polar Balancing” which keeps the putter head very square through impact by having the majority of the weight in the club evenly distributed in the toe and heel. The weights in the heel and toe cradle the ball and give forgiveness on off center hits! Off center hits are now on line all the way to their destination.

The Polar Balanced “ZL” series putter is an old-school heel shafted blade with the patented Carbite Dovetail (TM) design featuring tungsten heel-toe weighting. It has the highest moment of inertia (resistance to twisting) of any other type blade because more than 90 percent of the effective head weight is in the extreme heel and toe of the putter.

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Carbite Golf Club Models


B Eight DD Z Mallet 2006
B Eleven DE Mallet Z1
B Five DF Z2
B Four DG Z3
B One DH Cavity Back Z4
B Seven DM Mallet ZA
B Six Dovetail Series ZC Center Shaft
B Ten DS ZG Mallet
B Three Lady Carbite ZH Cavity Back
B Two RH Blade ZI Classic Blade
CAP 1 RH Small Mallet ZL Blade
CAP 2 Tour Blade ZM Blade
CAP 3 Tour Classic ZP Mallet
Carizma Tri-weight ZT Center Shaft Mallet
DB Mallet Tri-weight 2006
DC Cavity Back Z Blade 2006