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Bobby Jones by Jesse Ortiz, The Legend, the Pioneer and the Visionary, Great Names From Golf’s Past and Present Look Toward the Future

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Jesse Ortiz Design Studio Founder

Chief Operating Officer & Chief Designer, Bobby Jones Golf Company

Jesse Ortiz has spent 40 years improving the enjoyment, “tee to greens,” for millions of golfers. Ortiz has crafted designs used by over 1,000 tour professionals worldwide. His Tri-Metals became the Tour’s number one fairway metal from 1998 to 2001.

“You can talk all you want about launch trajectories and composite metals, and I do,” says Jesse Ortiz. “But in the end, a great golf club is all about how it feels.”

The master craftsman is paired with the greatest name in the game. The Ortiz Design Studio™ formed an alliance with The Bobby Jones Golf Company. With Ortiz as chief designer, The Bobby Jones Golf Company unveiled a new line of metal woods, the “Bobby Jones Players Series by Jesse Ortiz.”  coinciding with the 75th anniversary of golfing legend Jones’ historic Grand Slam.

The Bobby Jones Players Series by Jesse Ortiz honors the Jones tradition and are stamped with the Jesse Ortiz signature. It’s an “implement” (the expression Bobby used for his clubs).

Golf held a singular fascination for the young Bobby Jones, born in Atlanta in 1902. He competed in his first tournament, the U.S. Amateur, at 14, finishing in the top 10. When Jones retired as a touring tournament player in 1930, he had won the British Open three times, the British Amateur once, the U.S. Open four times, and the U.S. Amateur five times… The legend passed away in 1971 at the age of 69.

At the 75th anniversary of the Grand Slam in 2005, this accomplishment by Bobby Jones is the one that endures beyond all others.

Since 1998, over 700 PGA professional players have used Ortiz clubs in tournament play.

The Bobby Jones apparel division of Hickey-Freeman is at the leading edge of the company’s strategy to manufacture and market luxury products, an important step forward with this golf equipment and apparel initiative.

The Bobby Jones Players Series by Jesse Ortiz consists of the classically shaped, shallow, fairway woods that feature the same construction as the limited edition, Collection Series, but smaller in profile and appealing to better players. All woods feature Carpenter’s 465 steel alloy faces, milled to 1.6 mm thickness for unparalleled performance and feel. Lofts available: 13, 15, 17, 19 degrees; and in hybrid design: 19, 21, 25 and 30 degrees. The series also includes two 440 cc drivers of 9.5- and 10.75-degree lofts, featuring graphite composite crowns for maximum rear weighting.

The Bobby Jones Golf Company’s women’s line is designed for mid- to high-handicap women to maximize playability and, therefore, increase enjoyment.

Most recently, the Bobby Jones by Jesse Ortiz club line received heavy acclaim in Golf Digest’s 2006 Hot List. His drivers, fairway woods and utility clubs all collected high praise in the national publication.

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