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Bob Bettinardi began his career as a proprietor of a thriving CNC machining business that milled parts for some of the country’s leading manufacturers. In 1990, Robert J. Bettinardi had a dream: To craft the finest putters in the world.

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Bettinardi putters are well known for their high quality standards, as the company seeks to produce the most consistent, high performance putters in the market.

Bettinardi puts his heart and soul in every piece he makes in order to make each owner of a Bettinardi putter a better golfer.

The same precision and craftsmanship used to mill components for big industry were applied by Bettinardi to produce some of the finest putters and wedges in the game. All Bettinardi putters are made in the U.S.A at the Chicago manufacturing plant.

Bettinardi developed exclusive processes for producing his putters which included the patented “One-Piece Technology” and the “Honeycomb Finish”.

The complex engineering process of the One Piece Technology putters has set a new standard in the putter industry. The bar has forever been raised on putter quality and consistency.

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