Ben Hogan Golf Clubs: Everything You Need to Know

Ben Hogan won 63 PGA Tour tournaments and 71 overall as a professional golfer in his career, including 4 U.S. Opens, 2 Masters, 2 PGA Championships and a British Open victory in the only one he ever entered. He was also Player of the year 4 times and never lost a Ryder Cup match.

Ben Hogan Golf Club History

Iron History

Ben Hogan irons of yesteryear were introduced over 50 years ago and have evolved over the years through innovation and technology tto become the state of the art models they are line today. Although the irons have changed dramatically over the years, the one thing that has remained constant is the company’s commitment to craftsmanship and quality. Over 50 years later, Mr. Hogan’s vision of perfection is still the standard.

The Ben Hogan Apex Golf Irons are the sought after Hogan Irons of the time today, along with Ben Hogan Golf Balls.

Ben Hogan: The Man Behind The Mystique


The American Golfer, stories about the man and his amazing accomplishments with you. Excerpts provide a variety of stories at

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Ben Hogan Golf Club Models


Big Ben C-S3 Edge GCD Edge GCD Offset

Fairways & Hybrids

Big Ben C455 Edge GCD Edge CFT Ti Hybrid
Edge CFT Hybrid Edge GCD Offset


Baby Ben BHB12-The Hawk Big Ben
Baby Ben Belly BHB2-X Big Ben Belly
Baby Ben Long BHB2-XA Big Ben Long
BHB11-The Hawk BHB4-CC BHB4-X


5008 5010 5205 5208 Personal Limited Carnoustie
5309 5410 5412 5610 Powerthrust Colonial
5612 5613 5614 5711 Precision Director
5808 5810 6004 6006 Producer Edge
6008 PT3 Edge CFT
Apex Radial Edge Forged GS
Apex 50 Riviera Edge GCD
Apex BH Grind Special Edge GCD Forged Tour
Apex Channel Back Special-SI BeCu H-40
Apex Edge Starburst H-40 Oversize
Apex Edge Pro Sure Out Legend 40th Anniversary
Apex Forged Sure Out 2005 Medallion
Apex FT Tom Kite Personal
Apex FTX Tour Series II BH-5 Offset
Apex II Apex Redline Bounce Sole 1 Plus
Apex PC BH-5 Apex Plus

Iron Sets

Apex Legend 40th Anniversary Bounce Sole 1 Plus
Apex 50 Medallion Director
Apex BH Grind Personal Edge
Apex Channel Back Personal Limited Edge CFT
Apex Edge Powerthrust Edge CFT Hybrid
Apex Edge Pro Precision Edge Forged GS
Apex Forged Producer Edge GCD
Apex FT PT3 Edge GCD Forged Tour
Apex FTX Radial Apex Redline
Apex II Starburst BH-5
Apex PC Apex Plus BH-5 Offset