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Since Bang Golf’s inception in 2000, they have been recognized as leaders in golf component design and manufacturing.

Bang Golf is not your average type of component golf company! They lead the way with innovative, original designed ideas. Their drivers and fairway woods are some of the best on the market today.

The Bang-O-Matic by Bang Golf currently holds the World’s longest drive of 539 yards. They also hold the Woman’s World long drive record of 362 yards! Along with 5 World long drive championships! With 4 staffers in the Top 12 in the World Championships this year using the Bang O Matic and Banster 430 driver.

They have proven over and over again that Bang Golf products are of the highest quality at the most reasonably prices in the golf business today.

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Bang Golf Club Models


Spring Face Pink-O-Matic Drivers
Big Bang BangStorm ST539
Maxwell Curve OffSet BangStorm OffSet NAKAGAWA LD425
Bangenstein Bangster Mellow Yellow SQUARE
Big Big Bang 525cc Mellow Yellow Bang-O-Matic
Bang DYTI 600cc

Fairways & Hybrid

ST539 Fairway Woods Pink-O-Matic Bangster
Mellow Yellow SQUARE BangStorm Mellow Yellow
Bang-O-Matic BangStorm OffSet Spring Face
Bang-O-Matic Hybrid Maxwell Curve OffSet WH539 Hybrid

Iron Sets

Bang-O-Matic CenterCut Mellow Yellow Classic II TourTools
G101 Spring Face Plus Classic III TourTools
Pink-O-Matic Classic I TourTools


ST539 Wedge Classic I TourTools Mellow Yellow
Bang-O-Matic Classic II TourTools Spring Face Plus
Pink-O-Matic Classic III TourTools G101
TourTools Wedge


ST539 Putter Bang-O-Matic CADET Bang-O-Matic CADET Kit