Speed Stik Golf Swing Training Aid

Speed Stik Golf Swing Trainer Review

The Speed Stik Golf Swing Trainer works to strengthen specific golf muscles, increasing your flexibility, and enhancing your sense of balance. The Speed Gauge is easy to decipher because it is calibrated in miles per hour (mph). Set your own goals and pace, to improvement your performance. 

What is the speed stik golf swing trainer and how does it work?

The Speed Stik is one of the most popular golf training aids available, with it you’ll increase the speed of your swing which will enable you to hit the ball farther and score better. Faster = farther. Distance matters in golf and the faster you hit the ball the farther it goes. Improve your sense of balance, strengthen all the important golf muscles, and increase your overall flexibility. As you swing, the Speed Gauge measures your swing speed in miles per hour. To reset the gauge simply tap the handle end against the ground. Great for indoor and outdoor use. 

The Speed Stik is designed to give you an accurate reading on your golf swing speed. The lightweight design makes it easy to carry and use at all times. One distinctive feature of the Speed Stik is its ability to fold up into a small, compact tool that can fit in your pocket. 

It has a patented plastic shaft that gives you the ability to monitor your swing speed. The Speed Stik has a patented calibration system that does not require batteries! It is easy to reset and read with its digital electronic reading window. 

When using the device, most golfers can achieve speeds of up to 120 mph (and sometimes more). The product works well for both men and women. Many people have had great success using the Speed Stik to improve their overall golf game. 

How Does It Work?

The Speed Stik is designed with a lightweight, versatile tool that is simple to use. The built-in calibration system allows you to measure your club head speed without batteries! Simply place it behind the ball, pull back and swing your club. It’s that easy! 

Tips on How to Use the Speed Stik Golf Swing Trainer

1) To calibrate your speed stik before use, simple tap handle end of the shaft once on the ground. 

2) Swing as if you were hitting a golf ball, keeping your club head speed between 80-120 mph. 

3) The speed shown is how quickly your club head travels during your downswing and follow through. That is how fast it goes from the top of the swing to impact with the ball. 

4) To get a more accurate reading, you want to work on getting a longer back swing and holding your follow through position for a second or two. 

5) Let the tool do the work for you! Keep it behind the ball at all times and let the golf club go past it. Do not try to swing fast while keeping up with the speed stik. Your body will naturally learn how to swing with enough power in time. 

What are some of the pros and cons of using the speed stick golf swing trainer?


1) The product gives you accurate readings on your club head speed. 

2) It’s very easy to calibrate and use. 

3) It’s small, lightweight design makes it easy for anyone to take with them wherever they go. You can tap it once against the ground or your golf ball before starting a swing to calibrate it to your speed. 

4) As you swing, you can easily reset the gauge by tapping the shaft end against the ground. This is a great feature because if you’re indoors and don’t have anything to tap it against, all you need to do is drop it on the floor and it will reset itself! 

5) The Speed Stik is a great tool to have if you’re trying to improve your golf swing. 


1) The only real drawback is that the speed stik does not provide any kind of resistance or feedback while you are swinging. You just need to be able to rely on yourself and feel when your swing starts getting too fast, too slow, etc. 

2) The speed stik can be a bit complicated to use for beginners. You need to calibrate the tool before you use it and feel comfortable using it before taking it out onto the course with you. 

How can the speed stik help improve your golf swing and overall game performance?

The Speed Stik is a great way to improve your overall swing speed. It can help you with a consistent, smooth back swing that will enable you to hit the ball further and straighter. The golf club head speed that it measures is not influenced by factors such as fatigue or weight shift, so it’s more accurate than most methods of estimating swing speed. 

To improve your golf game, you need to work on developing consistent swing speed through the entire arc of your swing. A longer backswing and follow through will help increase club head velocity, sending the ball farther down the fairway with each shot! Your sense of balance will improve as well as all those important muscles used in the full swing. 

The Speed Stik Helps You: 

  • to strengthen specific muscles in your back and arms. 
  • Improving flexibility 
  • Enhancing the sense of balance. 
  • Improves the efficiency of your golf swing. 
  • Strengthens golf muscles 
  • Can be used indoors and out 
  • For right or left handed players 
  • Endorsed and used by professional golfers 

The Speed Stik Golf Swing Trainer works best when used with a regular practice routine. It will show you how quickly your club is traveling, giving you valuable insight into your game. This swing trainer can help you improve your back and upper body strength, and increase your club head speed. This swing trainer is a great way to become familiar with the speed of your own golf swing so you know when it is working for you and when it isn’t. 

Speed Stik Golf Swing Training Aid


The Speed Stik Golf Swing Trainer is the product that has propelled many into the world of elite golfers. This swing trainer will improve your game, ensuring you stay on top of your game. 

Clubhead Speed Approx. Yard:

  • World Long Drive Champ 150 mph 375+ 
  • Men’s PGA Tour 120 mph 300+ 
  • Ladies LPGA Tour 100 mph 250+ 
  • Male Amateur 90 mph 225+ 
  • Female Amateur 70 mph 175+ 


  • + 10 MPH = 25 MORE YARDS 

Parts of Speed Stik Golf Swing Trainer

The Speed Stik Golf Swing Trainer comes in two parts. There is the shaft and the handle. Both have a good feel in your hands, making it easy to hold on to. 

The shaft is 7 inches long with a cushioned grip at the end of the shaft. The shaft is tapered so that it will fit comfortably in anyone’s hand. The cushioned grip helps you get a firm hold of the tool and ensures that your hands don’t slip. 

The grip fits well in your hand, giving you a good sense of how far back to hold the shaft when you swing it. 

Where can you buy a speed stik golf swing trainer, and what is the price range?


Best place to buy the used Speed Stik Golf Swing Trainer is e-bay. You can find them for around $60 -$160 there, depending on its condition. Just make sure to look at the feedback of the people who are selling it before you buy anything. 


If you want to buy the new Speed Stik Golf Swing Trainer, you can do so at your local golf store or order it online at Amazon, Target, Sports Authority. Just make sure you are not getting ripped off online. Keep in mind that you do get what you paid for when it comes to golf training equipment, so if it’s too cheap, then something is wrong with it. Make sure to read the reviews of people who have bought the product before buying anything online. 

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Some FAQs

Who is the speed stick golf swing trainer for, beginners or experienced golfers?

This swing trainer is for anyone who wants to improve their game with solid fundamentals. It strengthens muscles in your back and arms, giving you better flexibility in your swing. 

How long will the speed stick golf swing trainer last?

The Speed Stik Golf Swing Trainer can last a lifetime if it is used properly. But when it comes down to it, as you hit the ball with it over and over again, the taped lining on the shaft can wear off. But this should not be an issue if you use it properly and take proper care of it. 

What is the best way to hold a speed stik golf swing trainer?

You want to grip the Speed Stik Golf Swing Trainer as far back as you can, keeping your wrists firm and straighten. Your hands should be shoulder width apart with your elbows locked. You also want to make sure that your club head follows through past the ball when you hit it, otherwise you will not feel any effect of this training tool.