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3M™ Greptile™ Gripping Material has been proven to give you bigger drives with less effort by improving your grip in any condition – wet or dry!

3M Greptile Premium Golf Glove Review

The 3M Greptile Premium and Standard gloves can be purchased online through links above and to the right.

There are two different types of 3M Greptile golf gloves. The first one, the one, is the Premium glove. The other one, which is a little cheaper in price, is the Standard glove.

The Look and Feel

The Greptile glove looks like no other golf glove, there are air holes on the top of the fingers that create ventilation, and there is Velcro to fasten the glove on nice and tight. The glove is comprised of 100% Cabretta leather which creates a very soft feel. Flip the glove over and there are numerous areas on the palm side of the glove that aren’t leather, they are made of 3M’s “Greptile” gripping material. This material is present in all areas that are key contact points between the glove and the grip of the club.

Greptile Technology

Greptile uses a micro-replication technology. The technology side of the Greptile brand is what sets it apart from a lot of other companies. This technology is based around using thousands (“replication”) of little (“micro”) fingers that grip surfaces and offer better performance.

This technology actually allows for a couple positives.

Greptile technology allows golfers to have a much firmer grip on the club without squeezing any harder. This stronger grip also allows golfers to use less effort when making a swing. This will enable golfers to maintain better control of their shots and also avoid fatigue at the end of a round.

3M Golf Glove Performance

  1. Better Grip
  2. More Distance
  3. Stronger Durability

The golf glove can be one of the most important pieces of equipment in your bag, make sure your golf glove works for you.

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