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Golf Team Names

Last Updated on January 28, 2022 
Funny Golf Team Names

Funny Golf Team Names Are

The Sultans of Swing Barack O'Ballers The Water Wizards
The Tree Stooges Smooth spin The Ballistics
The Ball Washers Layin’ 4 The Birdie Bandits
The Hole-in-One Gang Wrecking Balls The Sand Trappers
The Hole-in-Fun Gang Dimpled Balls Gang Green
The Handicaps Beach Bums Stroke-s of Luck
The HandiChaps Mulligators Steel Spikes
The Back 9 Boyz Gimmies Slice and Dice
The Happy Hookers Divot-ed 3 and 1/2 Men
Team Foot Wedge Sod Sailors Fore Play
The Pencil Pushers Branch-O-Matics Teed Off
The Mull-it-overs Going Pro-No Shanks-alot
The Mull-it-agains Knicker Knockers Wedgies
The Woodsmen No-Fair-Ways ShankenStiens Strokers
The Fowl Assassins a-Ball-eration Fringe Players - - Four Some Time
The Thunder Birdies Flag-tulance 8 Balls
The Big Sticks Shots R Us Ball Movements
The Shanksville Duffs Pappy's Putters Rough Boys
Weapons of Grass Destruction Back 9 Bandits Bogey Four - - Grass Masters
The Sand Sailors BackSpiners Rough-n-it's
The Water Hazards UnderParFect Space Hackers
The Putt Pirates KnickerKnacks Hack Attack
Hackers and Wackers High-Ballers Bush Wackers
The Four Divots Par Tee Timers Strokeologists
Dirty Old Golfer's (dogs) Par Tee Boys Mashie Mutts
The Hole in None's Par Tee Girls Fairway Miners
The Mulliganonies - - The Long Balls Tee Totalers Ball Whackers
The Cupa-Hoes Bag Boyz Mulliganoids
The Bunker Blokes Hicks with Sticks Mullet Masters
The Hackdaddeez Chicks n Sticks Rainbow Warriors
The Old Strokes Victory Virgins Fore-Brothers
The One Hoppers Bogey Boys Pin-High-Ballers
The Sod Slayers Bogey Pro's Pin Seekers
Team Green
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