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Harold Roelke, an avid mid-handicap golfer from surburban Milwaukee, developed a finned putter grip he called “Square Up.” Spurred on by moderate early success. Roelke continued to experiment and within a few years had invented an oversized, untapered grip he called Fatso.

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KJ Choi purchase the SuperStroke™, already one of the most accomplished golfers on the PGA Tour – but one who had never been particularly pleased with his putting. Choi says: “Because the grip is thick, it’s fat, it naturally makes you use the shoulders when you putt. I thought it made sense, so I picked up the phone and ordered it and it worked as promised.

July of 2007, Choi first used the grip in a tournament, the AT&T National in Washington, D.C. The results were instantaneous. He opened with a 66, and after the final round walked away with the winner’s check of $1.08 million.

2008 produced new colors and the new ProLine design that offers a softer feel.

About SuperStroke

The most common cause of missed putts is rolling the wrists. Doing so causes players of all skill levels to pull or push their putts. A twelve foot putt will be missed if the putter face is off square by as little as 1.7 degrees! Traditional narrow putter grips encourage increased hand pressure and promote rolling the wrists. The longer the putt, the harder we squeeze. The harder we squeeze, the more we roll the wrists. Super Stroke fills the hands and dramatically reduces grip pressure which leads to a smoother stroke. Super Strokes patented non taper design allows for finger tip placement on opposing sides of the shaft. This feature keeps the putter face square on contact and dramatically improves feel for distance as well.

SuperStroke offers more options for customizing the grip to your particular needs. The flat side of the grip can be placed in any of three positions. SuperStroke makes it easy to custom-fit your putter in only 15 minutes. With SuperStroke, you can literally change the length of the putter shaft. Using the provided spacer rod.


To conform with USGA rules, the spacer rod must be glued to the putter shaft. USGA rules also require permanency of installation. To ensure conformity, the final step of the installation process involves fully tightening the two lower “piercing screws” per instructions and filling these screw holes on the grip.

Only SuperStroke™ offers the size and surface area necessary to ensure relaxed hands and all the benefits that result.

Only SuperStroke™ uses a patented, virtually taper-free design that evenly distributes grip pressure between the right and left hands for sensitivity and stability.

Only SuperStroke™ has height adjustability so that golfers of all statures are assured of a comfortable putting stance.

Only SuperStroke™ has the versatility to offer three choices of flat-side positions to suit the preferences of any and all golfers.

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