Oxygen Golf Club – Are They Still Good?

Do you love golf, but don’t have the money to buy all new clubs? Do you have a bunch of old, unused golf clubs lying around? If so, oxygen Golf can help! In this article, We will review used oxygen golf clubs and accessories at a fraction of the cost of buying new. Plus, our selection is always changing, so you can find the perfect set for your game.

Oxygen Discount Golf Equipment and Pre-Owned Trade In

1) Oxygen Type-X Offset Stainless Fairway Wood

These woods feature a medium face height and full-bodied shape to invoke confidence in and around the fairway. Reduce fades and slices.

The offset helps square up the clubface upon impact to create straighter shots for those that seem to play to the right. Internal weighting helps reposition the center of gravity to optimize control and increase the launch angle at impact.

2) Oxygen Type-S HT Iron

Designed with a wide sole, deep-dish cavity, and elongated face, the HT Irons have a very low center of gravity to produce higher launch angles, softer shots, and more forgiving play. The Oxygen Type-S HT (High Trajectory) Irons replace difficult to hit traditional long irons. Use Oxygen HT for an immediate difference.

3) The Oxygen R Type Irons

One of the hottest new irons out on the golf market today. The polymer insert provides an exceptional feel as well as promotes a fully perimeter weighted club feel but with deadly accuracy!

They offer a thin sleek top line and minimal offset for the golfer who likes to work the ball. Designed for the mid to low handicap golfer who is looking to shave those last few strokes off their game.

They are a game improvement blade-style club. Designed for a more experienced player, the Oxygen Type-R Iron features a thin top line and blade profile for maximum workability that you are looking for in each and every iron. The black insert you see in the back of the clubhead is a polymer-filled muscle back cavity which increases the perimeter weighting throughout the entire clubface for improved forgiveness and feel.

The main difference between the two Oxygen models (type R and S) is that the Type R model is suited for a mid to low handicap player. The reason being is that the club is more like a blade-type iron with a smaller clubface and a reduced offset.

4) Oxygen Type S Irons

If you are a new golfer or with a higher handicap the Oxygen Type S Irons would probably be a better fit for you.

If you are considering the Oxygen Type R Irons, the Oxygen RST 9000 Titanium Driver and Command Hybrids are a perfect complement.

Where to buy Oxygen Golf Clubs?

1) eBay

As, these clubs are pretty outdated and not used that much, it would be pretty hard to find these clubs new. However, you can find them easily on websites like eBay.

2) Amazon

These clubs are not available on Amazon, but you can try some other clubs like Callaway, or Wilson golf clubs.

How to Buy Used Golf Clubs?

When you’re looking to buy any type of used golf club, there are a few things you need to take into consideration.

1) Condition of the Clubs

The first thing you’ll want to do is inspect the condition of the clubs. Are they dented, scuffed, or rusty? If so, they may not be in playable condition, and you’ll need to find something else.

2) Type of Clubs

Not all clubs are created equal. You’ll want to make sure the type of club you’re buying is right for your game. For example, if you’re looking for a driver, make sure the club is actually a driver, and not a 3-wood.

3) Set Completeness

If you’re looking for a complete set of clubs, make sure the set you’re buying is actually complete. A lot of times, people will sell sets of clubs without all the clubs that are supposed to be included.

4) Price

Of course, price is always going to be a factor when you’re buying anything. You’ll want to find something that’s within your budget, but don’t sacrifice quality just to save a few bucks.
When you’re looking for used golf clubs, the best place to start is eBay. You can find a wide variety of clubs from all different brands, and you can usually get a good deal on them. Just be sure to inspect the condition of the clubs before you buy them, and make sure they’re the right type for your game.


Do Oxygen Golf Clubs are still good?

Yes! Oxygen Golf Clubs are still good. They may not be the newest clubs on the market, but they are still a great option for anyone looking to improve their game. Just be sure to inspect the condition of the clubs before you buy them, and make sure they are right for your playing style.

Can I use Oxygen Golf Clubs in tournaments?

No, you cannot use Oxygen Golf Clubs in tournaments. They are not allowed under the Rules of Golf. Only golf clubs that have been approved by the USGA can be used in tournaments.

Do golf clubs actually make a difference?

Golf clubs can definitely make a difference in your game. The right clubs can help you improve your swing, and they can also make the game more enjoyable. Just be sure to find something that’s comfortable for you, and that’s within your budget.

Do golf clubs get worse with age?

Generally speaking, golf clubs do not get worse with age. However, they may not be as up-to-date as the newest clubs on the market may, so you’ll need to decide whether or not that’s important to you. Just be sure to inspect the condition of the clubs before you buy them.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a great set of golf clubs, the Oxygen Golf Club is a great option. They’re affordable, and they’re still a quality product. Just be sure to inspect the condition of the clubs before you buy them, and make sure they’re right for your playing style.
We hope you enjoyed this article on the Oxygen Golf Club. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments below. And be sure to check out our other articles on golf clubs and gear. Thanks for reading!