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Orlimar Golf Club

Last Updated on January 20, 2022 
Orlimar Golf Club

Orlimar has always been known for its consistent, remarkably-playable golf clubs. Constantly pushing the envelope to improve the game, creating clubs and equipment that enhance the complete golf experience.

In 2008, Orlimar expanded their offerings to fit every golfer at every level. For golfers at the top of their game, they offer the Tour Series featuring the Fury line of woods and forged irons. For the golfer with a problem swing, they offer the ZX woods and irons that help counter a golfer's fade or slice. For the up-and-coming golfer they offer the Shuriken line; performance-driven woods and irons that bring a game to a new level. Excellence in putters and wedges to help better your short game. No matter who you are, and no matter your level, Orlimar has the perfect club for you.

Black Ice

Versatile club set including a forged driver, stainless fairway wood, hybrid and cavity-backed irons, putter with a polymer face insert, premium bag and head covers. All graphite woods

High M.O.I. equals high performance. Orlimar X3 brings all of the latest advances in club weight distribution into one sophisticated solution. A full Titanium 460cc driver, Stainless fairway woods, hybrid irons and undercut irons make this THE clubs to own!

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Orlimar Golf Club Models


Fury 460 HIP-Ti 420 TriMetal II 350
Fury QB HipSteel TriMetal II 385
Fury Tour 420 HTi400L TriMetal II CT-801
HIP-Ti HTi440 TriMetal Plus
HIP-Ti 300 Shuriken TriMetal Plus 440
HIP-Ti 315 TriMetal ZX
HIP-Ti 340 TriMetal DeepFace

Fairways & Hybrids

Fury FWD Shuriken Hybrid TriMetal Plus
Fury HYB Spectre Hybrid TriMetal Plus Hybrid
H830 Spectre Iron-Wood VT830
HipSteel TriMetal ZX
Shuriken TriMetal II ZX Hybrid


Arachnid JB-I Arachnid JB-III Inertia Transfer
Arachnid JB-II Centerline


Dave Pelz MTC SOS Mirror
HipSteel PG 64 Ken Venturi Spectre
HipSteel RS Scoring Set TriMetal
IRS SF 302 TriMetal Plus
Lady Orlimar Reverse Size Shuriken SOS ZX-CB
Lady Orlimar Scoring Shuriken STS ZX-P
SOS Black ZX-V

Iron Sets

CNC Forged PG 64 Ken Venturi TriMetal
HipSteel Scoring Set TriMetal Plus
HipSteel RS SF 302 ZX-CB
IRS Shuriken SOS ZX-P
Lady Orlimar Reverse Size Shuriken STS ZX-V
Lady Orlimar Scoring Spectre
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