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Hog Golf is owned by the Dogleg Right corporation, the HOG brand seeks to bring new technology to the game of golf to increase both player performance and player satisfaction while respecting the traditions and rules of the game.

Hog Golf Clubs

Hog Golf: Sold worldwide, the company designs, manufactures and markets new, innovative golf equipment. The Machine Grip and Right-Line putter and trainer are a couple of the latest innovations from Dogleg Right, Pioneers of the “Totally Oversized” HOG golf clubs.

Founded in 1994, Dogleg Right has launched several golf brands, including its own brands, and others for or with some of its past R&D, Manufacturing and Consulting Services clients. The Company now focuses its time and resources on its IP portfolios and its new MACHINE Golf brand.

The HOG line of putters were first introduced to the public at the PGA Merchandise show in 1995. The Totally Oversized HOG Putter with its radical, industry first and industry leading highest MOI for head, and the putter as a whole, as well as the most stable, and lowest torque shaft in golf.

HOG wedges and Drivers were also offered, and sold well with numerous innovative technologies, performance advances and creative designs.

HOG’s on TOUR: Over 150 professionals have used Hog designs on the major tours, achieving 11 wins to date. 10 Hall of Fame golfers have used HOG putters, in official events including the Masters by the greatest and most popular golfers of all time.

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1003A Classic 1004R Mallet HMF6
1003AS Classic 1004R-L Long Mallet HMF7
1003ASP Steel Classic 1004S Pro Mallet HMF8
1003B Tour Classic 1005B Steel Mallet Superline 1003CS
1003C-GL 1005D Tour Mallet Superline 1005D
1003CS Tour Milled HMF5


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