Founders Golf Club

Gary Adams, the founder of Founders Club, began producing metal drivers, fairway woods, hybrid irons, putters, bags and accessories in 1991. 

Precision “face progression,” as well as precise “bulge and roll,” and a “blind bore” hosel that all combine to create penetrating ball flight, low spin rates, and an optimal launch angle for maximum distance, are characteristic features of Founders Club designs. 

The Golfing Founders Club is an organization of golf equipment innovators dedicated to bringing the best technology and designs to golfers at moderate costs. No other firm can match the quality, innovation, and history of a comparable Founders Club product for such low prices.

How good Founders clubs are?

They are very good. They have a loyal following on Tour and also among players from more modest means. Founders Club metal woods were some of the first “Forged” clubs to come on the market, and some of the very first metal woods using titanium. Founders Club irons are some of most beautiful clubs on Tour. 


Their driver are exceptional. This gives you more space for the sweet spot because of its enormous face. The big head, on the other hand, doesn’t have a significant impact on weight. In fact, some drivers have a small swing weight of C6. 


The 3 wood has a low-profile head that makes it ideal for from the deck or escaping the bush. The sole is contoured to enhance grass interaction if you use it from the deck. 

They are a bit smaller than the driver in terms of both face and crown. However, they have a low center of gravity to maintain a high-flying trajectory under the wind. 


The set contains a #4 and #5 hybrid. These irons are longer than the departed #4 and #5 irons, but they have more forgiveness. They also have a lower center of gravity for higher launch and more ball speed. 


Irons are made of stainless steel and despite the fact that they lack in terms of feel and accuracy, they can still go long. They might benefit from a bit more offset to make it simpler for novices to square up, but they still pack a punch. 


The Founders Club Believe set’s cavity back wedges produce excellent launch and enhance MOI. When chipping, keep the ball below your feet and make sure it is on the green. 


The mallet style putter has bright alignment markers that will be visible in any weather. It also has a touch of offset. Like the wedges, it is also made of stainless steel. 

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Founders Club Line Additions

Tour Tuned Hybrid Iron Set

This seven-piece set is ideal for players with a handicap of about 2.5 to 7. The different colors provide an excellent visual appeal and boost confidence at address. 

The matte finish gives an excellent touch and feel on shots from the tee, as well as around the green. 

Easy Alignment Putters

With their distinctive style, these amazing ‘Stand Up’ putters are poised to revolutionize the game of golf. They are designed with an ultra-thin straight-line alignment mark that provides the player with an easy way to align their putter each and every time. 

Complete Hybrid Package Set

The hybrid club’s new, easy-to-hit design in a full set gives the best forgiveness. They have a matte finish with four clubs, from the hybrid to the pitching wedge. 

The #4 and #5 hybrids have a lower center of gravity than the #4 and #5 irons to maximize launch, trajectory, and distance. 

Fresh Metal Plus Woods

The perfect combination of power, control, and precision has been achieved with the use of movable weight screws in the massive Beta Titanium head! 

Fresh Metal Plus Utility

The founders irons have a Rail Technology system, which ensures that the club head does not twist during impact for straighter shots. They also have a Rail Sole to reduce turf drag. 

In conclusion, Founders Club metal woods are very forgiving and hit long regardless of your skill level. 

Fresh Metal Plus Hybrid Iron Set

An all-around light set with a traditional appearance that includes forgiving hybrid utility clubs for extra forgiveness. They are designed for mid to high handicap players. 

Best Founder Golf Clubs

Founders Club Forged Tour CB The Judge 3-PW Iron Set Right Stiff Steel

It is a 4 to PW set that has a muscleback design and can accommodate players with an above-average handicap. The irons have the same sole width throughout the set to provide consistency. 

It is designed for mid handicappers with a swing speed of about 90 mph. It uses a matte black finish that gives feedback and helps you to groove your swing. You can also use this set if your handicap is about 10 to 20. 

Founders Club Forged 200 Series Single 1 Iron,RH, Dynamic Stiff Steel

The sole is a wide, muscleback that is suitable for full swings. It has a large sweet spot and it launches high. The silver color makes alignment easier and gives feedback. 

It has a 40 COR. It is designed for mid handicappers with a swing speed of about 90 mph. You can also use this club if your handicap is about 15 to 30. 

Founders Club Golf FC MILLED 02 PUTTER 35″ Right Handed Heel Shafted

It has a 35-inch, heel shafted aluminium putter head with a stainless steel body made by Founders Club. It also comes with a slim line half shaft. 

The putter has an offset of 4 degrees. It is designed for mid handicappers with a swing speed of about 90 mph. It has a soft compression polymer insert that provides excellent feel. 

Some FAQs

Do founders golf clubs are still good?

YES! They are of great quality and people who still use them today say they hit really far. They are pretty young and not many people still use them, but they are of great quality. You can buy founders golf clubs on amazon or ebay.

Does it matter if golf clubs are old?

No! There are a lot of old clubs that people use and they hit really good. It doesn’t matter if the clubs are old, it matters what brand they are. So buy some founders clubs, they’re really good! 

Founders golf club reviews helps new buyers decide whether they should invest their money in this product or not. In this article we have review 3 best founders golf clubs, that are still young and in use. They are of great quality and contain all the features that make them worth investing in. 

How often should I replace my golf clubs?

Every year. Your golf clubs are used on almost every shot in your game, so they wear out quickly. Most of the time, new sets of clubs will come with 1-year warranties, but that warranty only includes the club’s appearance. If you buy a founder golf club from eBay make sure to check the quality of the club.

Are old or new golf clubs better?

It is a matter of opinion. However, there are some facts that can help someone make a decision. Newer golf clubs tend to be more forgiving on off-center hits. Old golf clubs may be more forgiving of poor swings due to the fact that they are worn out, however poorly struck shots will tend to be more offline. 

But the old clubs are always cheap and available everywhere. If you lack money and still want to play golf, you need old clubs. But if your going to a tournament and don’t have a lot of money to spend, you might want to invest some more money in new clubs. 

It doesn’t matter if you buy old or new golf clubs, it matters what brand they are. You can buy old or new founders golf clubs on amazon or ebay.

Final Words 

Thank you for reading this article. In this article, we have reviewed 3 best founders golf clubs that are of great quality and can be used by all golfers. Founders golf clubs are very popular and they should be, because they make great quality products for affordable prices.They also have a great after sale service. So what are you waiting for, buy a founder golf club and see the difference!