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One of Burrows most recognized innovations is the MAC technology used in Burrow’s Powersphere golf clubs. The MAC Powersphere driver by Burrows Golf is an innovative club that puts vibrations to work for the golfer.

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Founded by chairman and CEO Bruce Burrows, Burrows Golf uses physics-based research to develop sophisticated new golf club designs. This approach to club design is the result of the founder’s orientation as an inventor, and passionate golfer.

“MAC” stands for “magnitude amplification cavity. “What jumps out about the MAC Powersphere is the “powersphere” itself – an inverted cone that goes up into the clubhead on the sole of the club.  When the clubface strikes the ball, creating vibrations, the cone reflects the vibrations back into the clubface and ball. The result is far less wasted energy and a clubface that is hot along its entire face.

The reflecting of vibrations back into the clubface means that less vibration travels up the shaft and into your hands.

Attributed Features

  • Clubheads come inf 421cc and 350cc sizes
  • Less vibration travels up shaft – easier on hands
  • Less distance loss on heel, toe hits
  • Quick-Fit system offers more than 500 specs

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