Strata Golf Ball

The Strata golf ball introduced in the mid-1990’s by Top-Flite, was the first 3 piece golf ball to make its debut. It matched the durable low-spinning, long-flying characteristics with a high-spinning, soft-feeling Tour Balata type of ball, which encompassed some similarities with the durable Pinnacle distance golf ball.

This was a remarkable three-piece ball that reacted as a long-flying/low-spinning distance ball off the tee, and a high-spinning easy to control ball off the irons.

This was achieved by adding a soft polyurethane outer cover and then a thin middle or mantle layer that encased the ball’s already large and solid rubber core on what was virtually a Top-Flite distance golf ball.

What distinguishes Strata from the rest was that Strata golf balls travel longer and have more feel, accuracy and superior distance over their rivals that a few years later produced balls such as Titleist’s ProVI, Maxfli’s M3 Tour, Callaway’s Rule 35, Nike’s TA2 (both the Long and Spin models).

These balls, including new ones from Strata, improved on Strata’s original breakthrough by improving the durability of the urethane outer covers and making them much thinner and firmer for added distance.

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Strata Golf Ball Models

Choose from the Strata Tour Professional, Strata Professional, Strata Tour Soft, Strata Tour Premier, Strata Tour Ultimate, Strata Mix, Strata Tour Ace golf balls, Strata Tour Advanced Golf Balls, Strata Jet Golf Balls, Strata Jet Yellow Golf Balls

Strata Tour Premier Golf Balls

The New, Top-Flite STRATA Tour Premier is the next progression in 3 Piece Multi-Layer design. The ultra soft, High Energy Core improves feel and control while generating premier distance. The soft urethane cover provides high spin and scuff resistance. The High Acid Ionomer Mantle layer improves distance off the tee and long irons.

Strata Tour Ace Golf Balls

The Strata Tour Ace is your Ace in the hole. The Tour Ace utilizes a patented 4 piece multi-layer technology and a high coverage dimple pattern for staggering distance. The interaction of the soft inner core with the firmer outer core creates the Strata Tour Ace’s unique energy transfer core. This allows for greater energy transfer at impact resulting in more overall distance with woods and long irons. The energy transfer core and soft urethane cover provide “One Hop and Stop” spin control off mid and short irons.

Strata Tour Straight Golf Balls

The Tour Straight features a patented multi-layer design for incredible distance and feel. The combination of a unique Teflon coating and super low 37 compression, make this ball one of the most desirable balls on the market today. The Tour Straight is the first golf ball created for every shot. The Ultra Soft center provides tremendous initial velocity and Spin around the greens; the thin layer of windings offers feel, spin and control; and the Ionomer cover provides the utmost in feel and durability.

Strata Tour Professional 90 Golf Balls

The Top-Flite Strata Tour Professional, delivers a remarkable combination of softness for feel and maximum distance. The Strata Tour Professional is a superior golf ball for the competitive player. It’s been engineered to provide exceptional tour level performance on every shot. It delivers pinpoint iron accuracy, holds its line in the wind, putts true and has superior driving distance. This all adds up to the Strata Tour Professional providing consistent, reliable performance shot after shot, hole after hole.

Strata Tour Soft Golf Balls

The Top-Flite STRATA Tour Soft golf ball is designed to deliver tour caliber performance for every aspect of your game. Its patented solid core, Multi-Layer design and soft Spintack cover gives you high spin rates and soft feel while delivering superior Top-flite STRATA distance.

Strata Tour Ultimate Mix Golf Balls

Top-Flite Strata Tour Ultimate golf balls. The Tungsten Energy Core concentrates the weight in the center of the ball, allowing for greater transfer of energy from the club. This will include the Tour Ultimate, Tour Ultimate 2 & Tour Ultimate Plus.

3-Piece Strata Technology for Tour-Level Performance

The Strata 3-piece, multi-layer distance technology is designed to produce fast ball speeds for maximum distance while still keeping  the soft feel at impact. This multi-layer design is engineered and constructed to provide Tour-level performance for serious golfers without sacrificing distance.  The thin, soft cover blend provides greater control around the greens without sacrificing distance.

Ultra-Resilient Core

This large, resilient core provides soft compression and high ball speed that promotes lower driver spin, resulting in longer, and straighter shots.

DuPont HPF Mantle Layer

This softer, thin mantle layer maximizes ball speed while retaining its feel.

Soft Ionomer Cover

This ionomers unique blend cover provides excellent control and feel around the greens.