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Established in 1910, the Dunlop brand is one of the most recognized golf club brands in the game. Many of the game’s best PGA touring professionals have used Dunlop golf clubs to win tournaments worldwide including Arnold Palmer, Seve Ballesteros, Tom Watson and Fuzzy Zoeller.

Dunlop continues to strive to provide golfers of all playing levels with cutting edge golf club technology and performance.

When you buy Dunlop Golf equipment you are buying quality products with a value that is unbeatable. Dunlop has been making some of the best golf balls in the golf industry for years. The legendary Dunlop “65” golf ball reigned supreme for an unprecedented 50 years and won more competitions than any other ball in the hands of many golfing greats.

The Dunlop Golf Loco Iron/Wood Hybrid Graphite with stainless steel head. This Iron was specifically designed for golfers who seek higher launch trajectory and longer ball distances.

The Dunlop Golf Super Loco Golf Balls offer lower compression and longer tee shots. The golf ball cover is made from Dupont HPF polymer which is softer and longer than your standard surlyn golf ball cover.

The Dunlop Golf Loco Cabretta Leather Gloves are made from 100% premium Cabretta leather. This leather helps to keep your gloves try and soft, even after several uses.

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Dunlop Golf Bag Models


Big D John Daly Forged 540 TM SP700
DDH LoCo Vengeance
Deep Distance LoCo Pro VHL
Flame Superlong VHL Oversize
John Daly Forged 460 Tad Moore Ti


DDH Pro D Vengeance
Flame Reaction VHL
LoCo Superlong VHL Oversize
LoCo Hybrid Tad Moore VRX


Airhead DPL 210 TL-9
Arrow Straight AS-1 DPL 220 TM 30
Arrow Straight AS-2 DPL 250 TM 31
Arrow Straight AS-3 Dunlop Belly TM 40
BB1 HM-1 TM 41
BB2 HM-2 TM Belly
BB3 HM-3 TS-1
BH-1 Kelsey TS-2
BH-2 LoCo TS-3
BH-3 Lurch TS-4
BH-4 PL-1 TS-5
BH-5 PL-2 Vista 1
Bubba PL-3 Vista 2
CM 01 Pro D Vista 4
CM 02 TL-1 VP-1
CM 03 TL-2 VP-2
CM 04 TL-3 VP-3
DDH TL-4 Wicked
DI-1 TL-5 Wilbur
DI-2 TL-6 Wilbur Belly
DI-3 TL-7 X
Double Wide TL-8


Australian Blade Pro D TM Satin
Bite Revolution TM SQ
DDH Revolution Midsize Tour Limited
Dunlop Classic RG Blades Tour Utility
Flag Attack RG CS True Tech
Flag Attack Chipper RG Oil Can VHL
LoCo Spinsert VHL Midsize
LoCo Hybrid Tad Moore 02 VHL Oversize
Nickel Tad Moore Series X
TM Blades

Iron Sets

Australian Blade Revolution Midsize Tour Limited
LoCo Hybrid Tad Moore 02 VHL Midsize
Revolution Tad Moore Series VHL Oversize
TM Blades