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Momentus Golf Swing Training Aids

Golf Swing Training Aids

Momentus Golf Swing Training Aids, You've discovered the Internet's favorite product for great prices and selection on quality golf training aids that WORK.

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Momentus Golf Training Aids That Work!

Momentus Swing Trainer

The evenly weighted shaft of the Momentus Swing Trainer forces the club down thru the proper swing plane, eliminating coming over the top.

Power Hitter Driver

The Power Hitter Driver will smooth out your transition and eliminate the tendency to rush your down swing.

XL Iron

Develop the proper release through the ball to square the club face up at impact every time.

Power Hitter Iron

Help you hit down and through your iron shots to eliminate hitting thin shots.

Power Hitter Lob Wedge

Eliminate the tendency to rush the down swing on pitch and chip shots.

Accelerate the club through the sand to hit exactly the right spot behind the ball in the sand for more accurate bunker shots.

World’s #1 Putting Drill

The World’s #1 Putting Drill will force you to contact the center of the ball with the center of the putter each time.

Inside Down the Line™ Putting Track

The Inside Down the Line™ Putting Track is designed to make you contact the ball perfectly solid every time. As you swing the putter head back and through along the guide of the Inside down the Line™ Putting Track, you’ll strike the ball solidly each time.

Strength Trainer

Build up the golf-specific muscles for longer tee shots.

Knee Stabilizer

Designed to eliminate swaying in the back swing. You’ll feel your weight centered on the inside of your feet when addressing the ball, and the Knee Stabilizer won’t allow you to move outside your right foot during the back swing.

EEZ-READ Green Reader

EEZ-READ Green Reader will show you the break of the putt every time. You’ll know if it breaks to the right, to the left, if it is uphill or downhill.

Forearm Swing Weights and Wrist Swing Weights force your arms down into the “slot” during the down swing to prevent coming over the top.

Foot Stability Weights

Foot Weights help anchor you to the ground for better balance and control.

Weighted Hip Turn Belt

Helps with core stability in the golf swing.

Weighted Shoulder Turn Vest

The Weighted Shoulder Turn Vest will help you develop a bigger and more powerful shoulder turn. You’ll start pounding the ball off the tee after practicing with the Weighted Shoulder Turn Vest!

Weighted Hip Turn Belt

The Weighted Hip Turn Belt will teach you to turn your hips properly in the golf swing, creating more power for longer tee shots!

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