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Medicus Golf Swing Training Aids

Golf Swing Training Aids

Medicus Golf Swing Training Aids are used by over a million amateur and professional golfers around the world and have been chosen by golf pros everywhere as the #1 swing training products in the world!

Medicus Golf is the creator of world-renowned best-selling training aids like the Medicus Hinged Club and the Medicus Dual-Hinge Driver. Both are designed to teach you quickly what bad technics you are using. Their patented dual-hinge is unique in that it only breaks when the golf swing is off tempo or off plane, thus providing instant feedback at the point of incorrect swing position, and true support as a golf training aid.

Medicus has been dedicated to assisting golfers around the globe improve their total golf game. They offer tools for every form of personal golf development, from the mechanical and physical to the mental and nutritional, ensuring you the best game improvement possible.

Check out Medicus today and see how they can help you improve your golf game.