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Todd Sones Impact Golf Review

Elevate your game with Affordable Training from Todd Sones Impact Golf.

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Todd Sones & Impact Golf Review

The goal at Impact Golf - is to “impact” your game by working backwards from the point of golf ball impact, in-order to find the source of any swing problem issues.

Golf swings are often a series of band aids or compensations in an effort to get the ball flying toward the target. Often players get stuck in a level of play because they are compensating instead of fixing a problem.

Impact Golf evaluates each player’s natural swing along with their physical ability, to find a swing that is individually suited to to each player. There is a way to find and understand a swing for each player that is best for them.

Although players have different potentials, each player needs to know the steps to get to the top of their game. The steps also need to be organized in the right order and taken in the right place and at the right pace. When players are not improving or even getting worse, it is often because they are working on the wrong steps, or on the right steps in the wrong order. And sometimes they are working on the right steps in the right order but at the wrong pace.

Impact Golf designs a plan that puts the right steps in the correct order, and at a pace that works for each individual golfer. They use state of the art computer/video equipment to help visualize the changes needed to track your progress visually as you improve.

It's a successful process that has helped thousands of golfers improve their game and reach their full on course potential.