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Funny Monkey Bar Golf Game Instructions

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Funny Golf Pictures for the Course: Monkey Bar Golf

Rules for Playing Monkey Bar Golf

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Monkey Bar Golf, also called Ladder Golf

A yard game similar to horse shoes. Players take turns tossing "monkey tails" at the monkey bars (or ladder) scoring points when their monkey tails wrap around the horizontal bars. For 2 or 4 players.

Items Needed:

  • At least one monkey bar (ladder) target. Two monkey bar targets are recommended when playing with four people.
  • Set of 3 "Monkey Tails" for each player or team. Each set should be a different color.

 How to Play:

1) Place the monkey bar targets approximately 25 to 30 feet apart. If playing with a single target, mark a throwing line about 25 to 30 feet from the target.

2) Alternating turns, two players toss their monkey tails one at a time at a target using an underhand throwing motion, trying to get the monkey tail to wrap around one of the horizontal monkey bars.

3) After all the monkey tails are thrown, the players determine their scores from the monkey tails still on the ladder. Any monkey tails that fall off during the course of play do not score any points. Each player or team adds the score from the round to their total.

4) If four people are playing, the other two players take alternating turns tossing the monkey tails back at the opposite target. If only two people are playing, they retrieve the monkey tails and again throw them at a target. The player or team with the higher score in the previous round tosses first.

5) Play continues in this manner until one player or team has earned the required points to win.

Scoring: There are several variation for scoring, so players must determine which method will be used for their game.

Option 1: The top monkey bar is worth 3 points, the middle bar is worth 2 points, and the bottom bar is worth one point. Any monkey tail hanging to a bar at the end of a round scores the points for the bar that it is hanging on. The first player or team to 21 points wins.

Option 2: This option requires monkey tails made using pairs of numbered golf balls where each set contains a monkey tail with a pair of number one balls, a tail with a pair of number 2 balls, and a tail with a pair of number 3 balls. The top monkey bar is worth 30 points, the middle bar is worth 20 points, and the bottom bar is worth 10 points. The score is determined by multiplying the points from the bar by the number on the monkey tail balls. For example, a monkey tail with a pair of number 2 balls on the middle bar scores 40 points (20 times 2), and a monkey tail with a pair of number 3 balls on the bottom bar scores 30 points (10 times 3). The first player or team to 500 points wins.

Option 3: Rather than playing as teams, three or more people can play with each of the players keeping their own score. A round is not complete until all of the players have been able to toss the monkey tails.