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Vintage Golf Patent Ideas

Heel Mounted Sand Trap Rake Accessory For Golf Shoes

An accessory for attachment to a golf shoe provides for smoothing out depressions in golf course sand traps. The accessory comprises a small rake mounted transverse to the shoe and rearward of the heel. The mounting may include a pivot allowing adjustment of the rake from a lowered position in raking contact with the ground to a raised position clear of the ground. A manually adjustable lock for the pivot permits securing the rake selectively in lowered or raised position. The mounting is held to the shoe by one or more prongs drive-fitted into the heel or by a spur assembly encircling the heel and strapped to the shoe.

Headband Golf Putter


Telescopically adjustable putter mounted to a headband for use in a putting game.

Briefly described according to one embodiment of the present invention, a telescopic putter mounted to a headband is a novelty game that mimics the game of golf. It is played indoors with a lightweight plastic ball and a cup resting on the floor. The game follows the general rules of putt-putt golf, except for the rule that the player must not touch the club with their hands when swinging. Instead the club is attached to the player's head with the use of a headband. Thus, the player must bend over the ball, place their hands on their knees and swing the club by turning their head from side to side.

Extending Golf Club Shaft

An adjustable golf shaft for a golf club which allows a child to use the same set of golf clubs during childhood and into his or her teen years. The golf shaft has a first shaft member, a second shaft member telescopically positioned within the first shaft member, and a compression fitting which fixedly attaches the first shaft member to the second shaft member at a desired golf shaft length.

As the child grows, the compression fitting can be loosened, the second shaft member can be expanded outward from the first shaft member lengthening the golf shaft, and the compression fitting can be tightened fixing the first shaft member relative to the second shaft member.

Golf Ball And Tee Positioner

Apparatus is provided for placing a golf ball and tee in the ground without the need for the golfer to bend over or kneel. The apparatus includes first and second elongated shafts laterally spaced apart and substantially parallel to one another. The first and second shafts have respective first and second handles proximate one another so as to be grippable by a golfer's hand.

The first shaft includes a tee-holding foot member proximate an end thereof and the second shaft includes a ball-holding cupped member proximate an end thereof in opposing relation to the tee-holding foot member such that the golf ball and tee can be held between the tee-holding member and ball-holding member.

The second shaft is movable relative to the first shaft and includes a coil spring for biasing the second shaft and ball-holding member thereon toward the tee-holding member on the first shaft to hold the golf ball and tee therebetween.

The second shaft is movable after the tee is inserted in the ground away from said tee-holding means by movement of the second handle toward the first handle. This handle movement disengages the ball-holding member from the golf ball and allows lateral movement of the apparatus as a unit in a manner to disengage the tee-holding member from the tee inserted in the ground.

Golf Ball Holder

To resolve the troublesomeness to carry a ball with a hand or other means and prevent the ball from being left on the ground by removably supporting a ball hold section holding the ball on a stick having a drive section at one end.

SOLUTION: A head 3 is integrated with a rod-like stick 2 to form a club 1 made of wood, and the club 1 is used for ground golf. A ball holder 5 is a ball hold section holding a ground golf ball 4 on the stick 2, and it is constituted of a holding member 7 and a support member. When the ball holder 5 is supported on the lower end side 2b of the stick 2, the ball 4 is held on the club 1, and the ball 4 can be simply carried at the time of a competition.; When the ball holder 5 is supported on the stick Z in the movement during the competition or a rest, the ball 4 is not required to be carried by a hand or other means, and the troublesomeness caused by the movement can be resolved.

Tool To Prevent Golf Ball From Being Stolen

An electroconductive ball stand 3 is laid through an insulator 2 on an electroconductive placing plate 1. An electroconductive false ball 4 is supported on the ball stand 3. An electric source circuit part 5 is electrically connected to the placing plate 1 and the ball stand 3.

When a bird 100 such as crow comes down on the and catches the false ball 4, the circuit system is closed to electrically shock the bird 100.

A Golf Tee On A Cord

A length of cord 13 has means for attaching one end to a golf tee, and the other end is wound onto a rotatable spool 11 within a housing 1 which has an aperture for the cord 13 to extend through. There is also a tensioning means 17 for applying a biassing force to the spool 11 to rotate it in order to retract the cord 13 into the housing 1. The tensioning means may comprise a spiral spring 17 of which the radially inner end can be secured centrally 19 of the housing and the outer end to the spool periphery, and the spring may have a circular cover over it. Retraction of the cord might be controlled using a rachet or a pin engaging with the spool. The housing 1 may be formed from two (3, 5) or more portions, and may be cylindrical. There may be means (7) on the housing 1 to attach the apparatus to a golfer's shoe or the like, such as a clip, cord or hook-and-loop material. The cord 13 may pass through a grommet 9 in the aperture, and it may be coloured to contrast with a golf playing surface. The means for attaching the tee may be a resilient ring 15, and the tee can be permanently attached to the means.

The shaft part of the tee might be aluminium or steel; the cup part might be rubber or elastomer.

Compressed Gas Powered Putter

A putter blade is attached to a pneumatic cylinder mounted in a putter head. Also attached to the head are a sealed hollow shaft (serving as a compressed gas reservoir) and a cleated foot.

Mounted on the shaft are a pressure gauge, a pressure relief valve, a compressed air fill valve, a pneumatic switch, a hand grip, and pneumatic tubing and fittings connecting the shaft/reservoir, switch, and cylinder. Also attached to the shaft (removable) is a bicycle pump, used to fill the reservoir. After pressurizing the shaft/reservoir, pressing the pneumatic switch will stroke a golf ball without requiring the operator to swing the putter.

he first object of the present invention is to provide a lightweight novelty device for striking a golf ball, resembling a putter in it's detail and powered by compressed gas. It is a further object of the present invention to provide such a device that it is simple, inexpensive construction. It is a further object to provide such a device that can be easily transported, such as in a golf bag or in the trunk of an automobile

Robogolf - A Pneumatic Golfer

This invention discloses a mobile device similar to a golf-club-bag pull cart that transports a golf-ball pneumatic launcher [Robogolfer]. The launcher propels a golf ball in a manner similar to striking it with a golf club. Robogolfer allows an individual unskilled or physically handicapped in swinging a golf club to play golf.

The operator positions the device where a golf shot is desired and points the barrel in the direction of the shot. The trajectory and distance of the golf shot is controlled by the angle of loft and pneumatic pressure of the golf-ball launcher. Pressurized gas is instantaneously released into the barrel of the launcher by a dump valve, thus propelling the golf ball forward on the golf course. Since skill is required in selecting the direction, loft, and distance for each golf shot launched, individuals can use Robogolfer to play golf competitively on a standard golf course. 

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