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PowerPlay Golf Guide and Rules

Nine holes... two flags... you decide. Risk and reward. That's the essence of PowerPlay Golf.

A nine-hole form of golf, where there are two flags on every green.

PowerPlay Golf is a new shorter variation of golf, featuring two flags on a green and played over nine holes. You can score extra points if you take a 'PowerPlay' and go for the Black Flag, but you have a limited number of 'PowerPlays' in your round - choose wisely. It was devised by British amateur golfer Peter McEvoy, a former victorious captain of the Great Britain & Ireland Walker Cup team, and David Piggins, a sports venue owner and operator, assisted by a creative team from golf agency Hiseman Partners.

In PowerPlay Golf, players can choose to play to the 'easy' white flag or the more difficult "Skull 'n' Crossbones" black flag. If they score a birdie or better to the black flag, they earn double Stableford Points. Each golfer is compelled to take exactly three 'PowerPlays' in the first eight holes. They then have the option of a fourth 'PowerPlay' on the final hole. But if they get a net bogey or worse, they lose two points from their total score.

The game was first played by 16 UK golf journalists at Playgolf Northwick Park Golf Course, London, on February 6, 2007. Since then the format has expanded its reach, with 140 UK courses set up for the format, 14 in Australia and 30 in South Africa.

Played by the English Golf Union Elite Squad in training sessions, first occasion in April 2007.

David Kemp, a 3-handicap golfer from Guildford, Surrey, won the first ever National PowerPlay Golf Championships at Hampton Court Palace Golf Club, London, on September 6, 2007 - featured by Today's Golfer magazine.


In PowerPlay Golf there are two flags on every green. Going for a black flag signals a PowerPlay, where you earn double stableford points for a net birdie or better. So what's your strategy? Play safe, or go for it. This is the ultimate shot selection challenge.


You MUST take use a total of three PowerPlays in the first eight holes. On the last 9th hole, you can take a fourth 'bonus PowerPlay' - but beware! You lose 2 points for a net bogie or worse. This is where games can be won or lost in the swing of a club.


So how are you going to beat your mates - with a total stableford points score, or hole by hole? PowerPlay Golf is perfect for both strokeplay and matchplay. Imagine going up the last all square or on level points... are you prepared to risk it all on a PowerPlay?


  1. Check rules on the course; Use the PowerPlay Golf ready-reckoner, available from every club.
  2. How to mark a scorecard; Mark where each player has taken a PowerPlay against the relevant hole. Remember you MUST take EXACTLY three PowerPlays in the first eight holes.
  3. How to score; White Flags = normal Stableford points. Black Flags = double Stableford points for net Birdie or better, only.
  4. What to do on the last hole; You have an optional Bonus PowerPlay opportunity. Get birdie or better for double points. But bogey or worse means you lose two points off your total.
  5. How to nominate a PowerPlay; You must nominate your PowerPlay on the tee, before your tee shot. Once your shot is taken, you cannot withdraw the PowerPlay.
  6. Who putts out first on the green; Golfers playing to the White Flag, putt out before golfers playing to the Black Flag.

PowerPlay Official Site

PowerPlay, enjoy your time on the course!