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Golf Club Grips and  Materials

The majority of grips are slip-on today. 

Basically, there are two types of grips - soft type and hard type. Hard type grips are often built with cord made of cotton. A variety of types of cord (classic, GX, tour wrap) are available, and grips could be half or full corded. 

Natural rubber, synthetic rubber and compound materials in conjunction with a number of cord and surface configurations offer different gripping characteristics. Grips could be either round or with a reminder, which is a line or rib on the underside of the grip that reminds the golfer where the hand should be placed.

Rubber grips are a blend of liquid rubber and granulated cork, pressure molded and then sanded and painted. These grips are easy to install, have reminder marks for hand placement and are light and inexpensive.


 Royal and Winn are soft grips made of polymer materials. EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) in particular has become popular due to the frictional properties and the extended life to wear. 

Leather grips made of cowhide or calfskin, these spiral wrapped grips have a soft feel to them and provide excellent tackiness. However they are difficult to install and expensive and has poor playability in wet conditions.

Corded rubber grips can also be corded with strands of thread. This creates a rough, non-slip grip which is useful in the rain. They do tend to wear out gloves quite quickly. Half-corded grips are also available, with the cording wrapped around the top of the grip where the thumbs are placed. Corded grips tend to be heavier.

Grip Weight

    The weight of a grip would be one of the most important specifications when you re-grip your golf clubs. Popular and widely used grips weigh at around 50 grams, while the weight of grips ranges from less than 20 grams to almost 70 grams. Majority of grips in the market, except for putter grips, are in the range of 40 – 55 grams. 

    Changing from a 50-gram grip to a 40-gram grip would increase the swing-weight up to 2 – 3 point depending on the shaft length, club weight and balance point. It should be noted that changing the weight of grip without considering the effect to the swing-weight could lead you to a undesirable result.

Putter Grips

    There are two primary putter grip styles - paddle style, and pistol style. The paddle grip features a wide flat part for the placement of thumbs, which is conducive to a one-piece stroke. The pistol grip is characterized by the protruding section of the grip which is to provide more control.

Some of the Golf Grip manufacturers today are:

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