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Golf Push CartsAre you looking for a healthier and "greener" alternative to a motorized golf cart?

Golf push and pull carts are back in style! Check out all the cart choices today and you'll find that there's been significant improvements to the old manual carts from grandpa's day. New carts are more light weight, compactable, easier to store and more ergonomically designed for less strain.

History of the Golf Pull CartVintage Golf Pull Carts

History of the Golf Pull Cart

Until the 1960s, most golf courses were played exclusively on foot. Golfers would carry their own bags, or pull them behind them on a pull cart.

For those who were fortunate enough to play golf at country clubs, caddies were provided to carry the players clubs, but most were still looking at a five-mile walk. Additionally, because walking is such a slow pace, many courses would have to schedule tee times at intervals that would accommodate walking.

A golf cart is something that is pulled and a golf car is something that propels itself.

Somehow, this terminology has become confused and intertwined over the years but when someone says golf cart today, they normally think of the vehicle that one rides in on a golf course.

 In the 1960s, the game and technology evolved with the development of the modern day golf car. In 1962 Merlin L. Halvorson invented the first self-propelled golf car. These cars were built with gasoline motors to transport two golfers, and their golf clubs, around the course. The major manufacturers at the time were E-Z-GO, Pargo, Harley Davidson and Cushman.


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