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Guide to a Feel Good Golf Club Set


Regardless of all the club fitting in the world, if your clubs just don't feel right when your swinging them, they probably wont bring good results to your game. Find a demo day that's coming up in your area and make plans to attend. Get out and swing different clubs with different flex shafts, chances are some will feel much better than others.


Try as many different Golf Clubs as you can, each person has a different body and a different Swing. Try swinging several clubs to determine which club you can comfortably swing with, and, what flex shaft feels the best for you.


The Feel of the Golf Club:


One thing that separates a PGA Touring pro and the amateur golfer is feel. Every pro I know can feel where the club - and clubhead are at any point during the swing. Think about this when your swinging different clubs with different flex shafts. Try to find the one that you can best connect with mentally throughout your full swing.


Buy a Golf Club that feels right for you. "If it feels right, it must be right".


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