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Guide: Male or Female, is the Golf Club Set Right For You?

Different brands and models mean different characteristics and different prices. If you intend to really play serious Golf, invest in a model that's right for you. It's all right to have different brands for your Woods but Irons should be of the same brand and flex to help you avoid making swing adjustments.

Women's Golf Clubs

There are three main reasons why it is a much better idea to have specific ladies clubs rather than run of the mill standard golf sets. The reasons have to do with swing weight, shaft flex and grip sizes. Major Golf manufacturing companies are now producing Golf Clubs especially for women.

Swing Weight refers to how heavy the golf club feels when it is swung. Using the the heaviest club that you can easily control will give the best result. Too heavy a club equals uncontrollable swings and thus improper impact on the ball.

Shaft Flex is generally chosen to be more flexible on women's clubs which helps to promote clubhead speed and thus ultimately to improve the actual distance that the golf ball will travel. A stronger woman may move to a stiffer shaft and thus a older man may move to a softer flex for a proper strength match.

Golf Grips are a big distinctions between men's and women's sets of clubs. The grips on ladies golf clubs are much smaller than those on men’s clubs since their hands are generally smaller. This makes lady’s clubs much easier to hold.

Learning how to buy Golf Clubs can help you choose a set of clubs that suits your preference, style and your swing. All this translates into a better game of golf for you.

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