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Guide to Sizing Golf Clubs, and Shaft Materials

Golf Club sizing and fitting should be at the top of your list, you can play golf with any set, but a properly fit gof club set will help you improve your game far easier. For best results it is imperative that you get Golf Clubs with the correct Shaft Size that allows you to take a Good Swing. Check your height, the length of your arms and the speed of your Swing to know how long your Shaft should be.

Golf-club fitting is a relatively easy process to perform yourself. Several simple measurements will help you find the optimal length shaft so you can maintain proper posture as you swing.

Height is the obvious factor to figure into calculating golf-club length.  Players between 5 feet, 7 inches and 6 feet tall generally use standard-length clubs. Taller players usually take longer clubs; shorter players take shorter clubs.

Wrist-to-floor measurement also factors into fitting golf clubs. Effectively, a player with particularly long arms needs a shorter club to reach the ball. This is entered into a coordinated table with height to determine correct club length.

Graphite or Steel: Graphite shafts are usually a half-inch longer and lighter than steel shafts. On graphite-shafted drivers, this disparity can swell to a full inch.

Golf Club Flex: The Shaft's Flex is the ability of the Shaft to bend as you apply force into it during the swing. Your Swing and the Flex of your Club should match, if not, your clubface will not be properly aligned during impact.

There are five basic Club Flex Ratings: Regular | Stiff | Extra Stiff | Senior | Ladies

Only a few people choose extra stiff shafts. Stiff shaft is a popular choice for men. To find the right flex for you, you will need to examine your swing speed and the flight of your ball. Try different clubs, examine the effect of the different flexes in your shot, and decide which Flex feels right for you.

Golf-club fitting is a relatively easy process to perform yourself. The steps above will help you find the optimal length and flex shaft to help you maintain proper posture as you swing, ensuring good contact.

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