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Golf Brands F thru J

golf brands F thru J listed below

+ Guide to Buying Used - Pre-Owned Golf Clubs

When Buying Used Golf Clubs, you need to check the club condition thoroughly.  Make sure the Grooves are in good condition and not shallower than normal, take a look at the grips to see if they need to be replaced. If they do, this could add a chunk to the purchase price right away - keep in mind though, if your handy, you could replace them yourself at a reasonably low cost. If the clubs have rust on them, the rust will most likely spread so you may want to pass on them.


Know what your buying, most online used club dealers are very fair and accurate with used club values, and they usually follow condition guidelines so you most likely wont see worn out clubs.


The PGA sets a very fair standard for club values and condition on most brands, you can check your brand and model value here PGA Used Golf Club Values. This way you can feel comfortable with what your paying for your clubs or selling them for.


If your looking to upgrade then these online new and pre-owned golf club dealers can make it easy for you to slip into a little nicer set of clubs than you have, and get you back out on the course fast. Best of all, they can take your trade in set which will lower your cost right off the bat. That way you can keep more mullah for the beer cart girls tip, earning you more kudos.


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