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A Guide to Buying Name Brand Golf Equipment

Buying name brand golf equipment can be mind boggling with all the manufacturers to choose from. What you need to know right away is that top name brand clubs aren't a necessity, especially if your a beginner. But, if you know you are going to be putting a lot of time into the game, you most likely will be spending your hard earned cash sometime on a name brand set like Callaway, Taylor Made, Titleist, Ping, Tour Edge and other top brand manufacturers.

Lets Start With Your Budget First:

How much should I spend on golf equipment? There is a large price range from inexpensive low quality beginner clubs to higher quality pre-owned club sets, and on to new very expensive high end brands and models.

Buying second hand Golf Clubs from a growing number of dealers can be a great way to get a decent set of clubs on a tighter budget. Guide to buying pre-owned second hand clubs + golf brands F thru J

Club size and weighting should always be considered along with shaft flex and material. Perimeter weighting and other factors are as individual to the club brand or model - as your golf swing, your height and your strength are to you. Guide to club materials and sizing + golf brands K thru O

Men's and Women's clubs are not created equal, men and women are different, didn't you know? Therefore the body types dictate different swing characteristics. Many manufacturers create different club sets for women. Guide to selecting a club set for gender, man or woman + golf brands P thru T

Golf Club Feel: If it don't feel right - don't get it! Seems sensible right? but a lot of people just look at a club set, like the looks and buy. Guide to a feel good golf club set + golf brands U thru Z

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