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Essential Golf Etiquette for the Beginner

Perhaps the most importantly part of golf for the beginner is golfing etiquette.

If you are playing with someone else more experienced normally they will politely point out the rules and you will learn as you play more, but knowing the correct etiquette is important.

  • Adhere to the clothing code of the club - some require collars on shirts
  • Always be early for A Game if you have a teeing off time
  • The golfer furthest from the hole should play first
  • If you are holding up play stand aside and call through the group behind
  • On the green If your playing partner cannot see the hole offer to hold the flag
  • Make sure you know which ball you are playing
  • It is polite to help your playing partner look for their ball if they can’t find it
  • Don’t get so wrapped up in your own game you don’t congratulate your partner when they hit a good shot
  • If your ball is heading towards someone on the course shout ‘fore’ loudly
  • If you hear the word ‘fore’ duck and put your hands over your head. Do not look up!
  • Make sure you wear the right shoes with the correct studs. Some courses prefer soft spikes.
  • Tee your ball up between the markers on the tee.
  • You are only allowed to pick the ball up when it is on the green
  • Do not move the ball in the rough or improve the lie of the ball
  • You are responsible for counting how many shots you have on a hole
  • Touching the sand with your club before you hit a ball out of a bunker or trap is not allowed
  • If you think you have lost a ball you may drop another one, which is called a provisional ball.
  • To drop a ball correctly stand upright, hold you arm away from your body at shoulder height and let go.
  • On the green you must not touch the line of the putt with your putter

Relax and Enjoy the Game of Golf

Over the last few years the stigma associated with golf, being an old man’s game for stuffed shirts, has changed. Nowadays, most experienced golfers go out of their way to help a novice, so don’t panic about playing. Many close friendships have been forged by golfers on the course. Try to relax, have confidence in the bonhomie of your fellow golfers and enjoy the experience. Best of luck!