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Golfsmith Golf Outlet and Pre-Owned, + Trade In Program

Since 1967, Golfsmith International, Inc. has been working to provide customers with the most innovative golf products at the absolute best value throughout the golf retail industry.

Golfsmith has acquired Lynx Golf, Inc., Snake Eyes Golf Club Inc., and Black Rock Corp, maker of the Killer Bee golf clubs.

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The Golfsmith foundation, more than 4 decades of growth.

The Golfsmith Flagship Superstore.

In 1992, Golfsmith moved to its present headquarters location, a 40-acre campus that includes the corporate administration offices, a practice range, a 30,000-square-foot Golfsmith superstore, and 240,000 square feet of shipping and distribution facilities.

Golfsmith’s aggressive retail expansion began in 1995 with the opening of superstores in Houston, Denver and Dallas. Today, Golfsmith operates over 50 retail superstores that reach nationwide.

In 1998, Golfsmith secured a $30 million private placement with DLJ Investment Partners. The private placement helped fund the acquisitions of Lynx Golf, Inc.; Black Rock Golf Corp. (maker of Killer Bee golf clubs); and Snake Eyes Golf Club, Inc.

From October 2002 to July 2007 Golfsmith experienced unprecedented growth, with the number of retail stores more than tripling in that time period.

Today the Golfsmith multi-channel retail strategy delivers on this goal of the best golf equipment at the lowest prices. They operate 70+ (and growing) Golfsmith retail superstores throughout the United States and Canada. They produce and distribute the Golfsmith clubmaker and consumer catalogs, and online store.

Together, these channels consist to make one of the largest selections of golf equipment, merchandise and training curriculum for consumers and golf clubmaking businesses.

Golf Club Makers Association

In 1980, Golfsmith established the Golf Clubmakers Association (GCA), an organization designed to support and guide the growing number of clubmakers around the world. In 1988, Golfsmith hosted the first annual GCA Conference to offer members access to the latest technical information and clubmaking innovations from the industry’s leading equipment vendors.

True to their roots, Golfsmith remains committed to designing, testing and creating innovative custom-fit golf club components for consumers and clubmakers. They remain the only golf retailer to design and market custom-fit golf clubs, components, club assembly tools and golf accessories under proprietary brands, which include Lynx®, Snake Eyes®, Golfsmith®, Harvey Penick® and Killer Bee®.

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