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GigaGolf Clubs Superstore Review

Giga Golf Corporate Philosophy

GigaGolf has a commitment to offer the latest in golf technology at affordable prices. They do this by manufacturing golf equipment with only the best names in component heads, shafts and grips.

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Giga Golf Clubs and Bags

GigaGolf uses olf club component from the best suppliers and manufacturers in the industry. Names like Hireko, Acer, Golfsmith and Snake. They are selected to meet exacting standards with respect to material, weight, loft and lie tolerances. Although the shaft is by far the most important component in any golf club, GigaGolf strives to offer only the best components throughout each club.

The shaft is the engine that drives all great shots. GigaGolf puts together quality custom fitted golf clubs with only the best and most widely respected shaft brands available. True Temper, UST, Royal Precision and Grafalloy are a few of the top quality shafts used.

GigaGolf developed the eFit system. The eFit system is a simple four step process that takes your swing speed and three physical measurements and translates them into custom clubs that fit the way you should swing.

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